Hi there!

I help people be fearlessly authentic, achieve colossal goals, and take no shit.

I fully believe I’m living my dream, on my terms, and in my own power. Sometimes even I wonder how I got here. This is the nutshell, of the nutshell version.

I wasn’t born knowing I would become a life coach. I thought maybe a dancer, in the theatre, or maybe the president. I certainly didn’t think -Life Coach-. Probably because of my blue-collar and turbulent raising. Let’s just say my family wasn’t ever focused on self-actualization.

I am from Golden, Colorado – one of the Coors Brewery factory kids. I was raised to be tough and hard and was ashamed on my marshmallow center and I imitated “tough” and “hard” as best I could. I got pretty good at it. I left home before I finished high school. I grew up fast, kept my nose clean, and worked my ass off. Years later, my husband (then boyfriend) showed me truly unconditional love, helped me drop the chip that was firmly on my shoulder, and knocked down the façade. I learned authenticity and stood as my own woman. God, I love that man.

During my service in the Air Force, I realized I’m pretty darned good at troubleshooting people problems. I fully embraced my new fearlessly authentic self, so the civilian side of the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community let me be a little more puddle-of-goo. (and not-for-nothing, in the same time zone as my husband). I got to explore through teaching, mentoring, and coaching how I could help individuals and teams. I love helping incredible people do their job better and succeed. I love seeing them fulfill potential and feel with them incredible pride when they get an award, promotion, or exceeded even their expectations. During this time I realized that helping others become excellent was where I belonged.

After a decade, I was ready to move on from the defense industry. Also, my refusal to move to D.C. “helped” me make that decision.
– side eye –
So, I left my career and stayed here in beautiful Colorado. Within weeks I was working on my certification in Integrative Coaching and taking action toward the life I wanted to live.


I suppose, looking back, becoming a life coach is something I am really well suited for. Anything is possible when you have the right tools, resources, and support. People say I’m a force to be reckoned with; I joke that “hard work” is my life’s proof. Okay, half joke. I work really hard and really don’t do things halfway. (Unless that’s doing a puzzle, I freaking hate puzzles) I believe very deeply in human potential and the incredible power in having someone in your corner.

So, I believe in your potential,
and you should believe in it too.

Oh, and Cassie says “Hi!”