I’m a Denver based business coach who works with solopreneurs to reach their definition of success. I offer my clients invaluable business knowledge and insight that I have acquired throughout my career. I have diverse and extensive experience at every level of organization, as a 3x small business owner, working for small businesses, fortune 500, government, and military.

The last time you took a day off was 4 hairstyles ago.
You say F**** out loud to yourself more times a day than you want to admit.
You cross your fingers or send up a prayer every time your phone rings.
On date night, you sneak away between the appetizer and main course to return business emails.
Follow-through is a legit problem for you.
You’ve scheduled in your monthly mental breakdown
The closest thing to a vacation you have had in the last few years is the beach background on Zoom.
Clients that don’t suck and can pay is the top of your vision board.
The monsters in your nightmares pale in comparison to your inbox.
 You’re sick of not feeling in control of your business.
Karyn Savory
Sweet and Savory Designs
Success Society Alumni

I am so incredibly grateful for Megan Johnson and her Success Society. Having just started my business this past year, I was struggling with this new journey and was feeling overwhelmed and unqualified. This group was EXACTLY what I needed to get my head in the game, stop making excuses and get s*** done! Megan provides you with helpful tools and techniques to help grow both professionally and personally as entrepreneurs and is there for you every step of the way. I’ve learned so much! I also love the group atmosphere. These ladies ultimately become not only your friends but an amazing team of support, inspiration, and accountability… an added bonus!
Success Society has been the best investment I’ve made in my business so far and I can’t recommend it enough!

Amy Hicks
Amy Hicks
The Better Weigh

Megan has a gift of understanding a company’s current position, finding out where you want to go, and showing you how to get there. She is able to put your targets into bite-size achievable steps.

Megan Anderson Rosie Shirt
Megan Anderson
Ready Services
Success Society Alumni

Megan knows exactly when you need a cheerleader and when you need a coach. She doesn’t let you wallow in your shit or get down on yourself. She is a dynamic leader with an obsession with metrics. She knows how to take you from where you are to where you need to be – you just have to be willing to put on the work.

Debbie Wright Testimonial Photo
Debbie Wright
Indy & Ollys
Success Society Alumni

Over the 3 month coaching period, my business saw a 59% increase in revenue, website visits rose 48% and Facebook likes increased 18%. With Megan as a coach, you are getting more than a cheerleader. She is someone to brainstorm with, who comes up with amazing and creative new ideas for your business! She asks the hard questions, pushes you to succeed, and gives you accountability.

britany mack
Britany Mack

Megan is amazing! She did an excellent job teaching us ladypreneurs how to begin achieving work/life balance in a way that I had never heard it before. It was such useful and practical information that I could apply in my day to day. She was genuinely engaged with all of us and it was apparent that she was truly invested in our success and well-being. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a coach- you will be in good hands if you decide to work with her!

Jessica Armstrong
Jessica Armstrong
Realtor® - Spaces Real Estate
Success Society Alumni

Megan’s coaching came into my life at the exact time I needed it. I walked away with a clear vision of where I want to go and how to get there, but also with the ability yo track my progress and success in ways I never have. The knowledge and tools I gained are invaluable and I’m so thankful to have had this experience.

Denaye Austad
Financial Advisor - Transamerica
Success Society Alumni

Success Society group was an absolute game-changer for me. She walked me through so many of the physical and mental processes that have already made a huge difference in the way I run my business. The value that I’ve gotten from Megan in these sessions is seriously priceless. She provided me with the tools to know exactly what I want and exactly what to do.

Megan & Stephanie Headshots
Stephanie Gunther
Wax Creek | A Brand Marketing Agency
1:1 Coaching Client & Success Society Alumni

I now have the tools, confidence, and knowledge to show up as the CEO of my company (in charge!), rather than letting the business control me. I learned how to build and track revenue-generating activities, how to set goals and determine if they are attainable in my current system, how to run income and growth projections, think outside of the box, and feel IN CONTROL of my own destiny. That is freedom and it feels SO GOOD!

Macey Robinson
Macey Robinson
Kairos Weddings & Events

Megan is absolutely amazing in every way! She captivated the vision in which I had and delivered it in a powerful, yet relatable way. She took the time to provide exercises to break the ice with a team that had just met. Her warm and inviting energy is contagious! She is a great encourager and the perfect person for her profession. She has a true heart for what she does, and it truly sets her apart from the rest. I am so thankful to have met Megan and to have had to opportunity to have her share her encouragement and motivation with my team.

Alicia Picard
Accounting Captains
1:1 Coaching Client

I highly recommend Megan to help you get over and through the steps to grow. She has such a well-rounded approach that you feel like you have a better grip on your whole life and helps you get out of your own way to achieve the next level of success! Megan helped me address daily issues with ideas and approaches I never would have thought of using!! Megan is really just awesome!

michelle adams
Michelle Adams
Estate Planning Attorney | Speaker | Author

Megan is incredibly perceptive and quickly helped me refine an idea for a new offering to provide my clients. I was torn between several options and her insightful questions, gave me clarity and confidence to move forward with the plan. She is the perfect combination of coach and strategist which is exactly what I needed!

Dafne Tsakiris
Launch Point
1:1 Coaching Client

Before working with Megan I knew I had a viable business, but I was all over the place with what that looked like and what I should be focusing on. I knew I needed to do all the things, but found myself stuck, overwhelmed and unsure of what to do first. Megan helped me find focus and direction right away. To say she is amazing at what she does is an understatement! I was on the threshold of an amazing business and life and I didn’t know I needed Megan’s support, coaching and unbiased opinion to push me over the edge. I am so happy I decided to work with her right away and didn’t spend invaluable time spinning my wheels trying to get going in the right direction by myself.I cannot even tell you how much Megan has done for me!

Lizzy personal trainer megan johnson business coach for women
Lizzy Dregne
Embodied Movement Training Systems
1:1 Coaching Client

When I met Megan, I was really looking to upgrade my business so that I could get in to my own, private, gym space. I was in need of better strategies and processes that would make achieving these goals possible. The skills and techniques that I learned with Megan still serve me every single day. Since we’ve stopped working together my business has continued to grow and adapt, and with this, I am now trying to hire on additional trainers to build and expand my brand! Working with Megan I reached my goal of hitting 6 figures, maintaining a full schedule and gained more confidence to make sales pitches and express my value without fear of rejection or ridicule. Megan is absolutely incredible. She is strong, kind, tactful, and intelligent as hell. She knows how to meet you where you’re at, get to know YOU and the why behind your business, and focuses on what needs to be prioritized during every step of the process. I couldn’t recommend her any more strongly.

Carolyn megan johnson business coach for women
Carolyn Seeger
Keystone Gifts
1:1 Coaching Client

As a new business owner, I was struggling with juggling all aspects of the business and trying to figure out if I was even doing the right things. I was hoping for guidance and help to make sure I was on the right track. Since working with Megan I started putting processes in place that have been huge; tracking my progress and activity has shown me what works and what doesn’t; and being able to view my business from the outside rather than only from the inside. I now have a fresh outlook on my business. I have projects in the works and marketing tools in my arsenal to make sure that my business continues to steadily grow into the future. If you are looking to grow your business and yourself as an entrepreneur, Megan is the partner you’ve been looking for! Coaching with Megan is not for the faint of heart! But if you’re serious about increasing your business, improving your processes and really learning the ins and outs of your business, I highly recommend coaching with her!

sarah key
Sarah Key
The Keys to Travel
1:1 Coaching Client

I found my clarity! I feel like I am on the right path now. I continually am saying out loud and in my head that “I’m happy!”… which before Megan I was having such a rough time I honestly couldn’t voice when the last time I truly felt happy… even though I have an amazing husband, friends and family, I felt so lost in my purpose in life. And that will bring you down in a big way. But Megan helped push me and guide me to find the answers I was looking for and encouraged me to take the leaps of faith I was worried about. And she was truly a good friend, there for me whenever I needed her. She is so incredibly helpful. Somehow she guides you in the right direction but you figure it all out on your own! This life is meant to be lived fully and not in a dark or lost place, and Megan will definitely help you get there. Always looking for ways to help me, keep me on track, uplift me, support me. Whichever direction I turned she was there helping me and backing me up.

Success Society Podcast for women entrepreneurs
You Deserve to Make Some Money from Your Badass Business. Megan Johnson shares insights, lessons, and stories to help you develop the clarity, confidence, & competence to turn your business into a revenue-generating machine. Megan is a Confidence Boosting Business Coach & Momentum Builder with one goal in mind: help solopreneurs create success sooner and with less pain along the way.