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Stay Top of Mind This Holiday Season

As business owners, we put a lot of effort into staying top of mind. The holidays give a perfect opportunity to make a significant impact!

There is one important rule here: This is NOT a time for a pitch or an ask. This is just an opportunity to say thanks. Your only job here is to let them know you are grateful for what they have added to you and your business this year, and you wanted to be sure to let them know. That’s all.

I’ve come up with this list of 10 super awesome ways to reach out and be memorable for any budget to help you!



1. Pick up the flipping phone.

There is no better way to connect with someone and make a lasting impression than to do it yourself! With all the Covid weirdness, this year drop-bys are probably out. So pick up the phone, give them a call.

Budget: NONE
Time: Intensive
Impact: Massive – Creates a positive experience and memory.


2. Send a handwritten note.

I love getting hand-addressed letters! (and so does everyone else). Even better if the card or stationery you choose is something unique and memorable.

Budget: Teeny Tiny
Time: Minimal
Impact: Gives a smile and usually hangs around for a while on their desk or pin-board.


3. Send a branded great gift!

I use Keystone Gifts, where you have your very own concierge to help you pick out the perfect branded item at any budget to send – oh, and they will even ship it for you.

Budget: Varies
Time: A bit.
Impact: depends on the gift you choose, but you could become part of their every day if done right.


4. Record a video and text it to them.

This is a great way to spend less time and still get a sort of “face-time.” It is very likely to elicit a response to start a conversation 🙌
Budget: Zero
Time: An hour? I use the three-take rule.
Impact: You sure capture their attention!


5. Make a public announcement.

Social is a great place to tag and link to all your people! Just make sure you don’t forget anyone!
Budget: Zilch
Time: Don’t underestimate your time putting together the post, the list, and getting it out there… It could be a whopping few hours.
Impact: Big! Doesn’t just impact your individual relationship but shows the world you’re pretty great too!


6. Make a donation to a charity they appreciate.

If you already have a giving budget, you can choose a few different charitable organizations and let them decide where they would like to have their donation go. Be careful here. You don’t want to come across as “braggy” or “snooty.” 🤮  Something like “I know you care very much about XX, so to say thank you for all you did for us this year, we are giving XX amount in your name.”
Budget: Your choice
Time: Moderate
Impact: Great! Your hitting two birds here – good for your relationships and good for the organizations you support.


7. Have something delivered – or deliver it yourself.

To socially distance, you can revive the ding-dong-ditch and drop something at their door with a note (and run!). May I suggest a great bottle of wine or Crumbl cookies – mean let me know if you need my address 😉
Budget: Varies
Time: Significant – but you can write off the miles.
Impact: They will love it and appreciate the effort.


8. Give them something valuable for their success.

Create something from your zone of genius that is low cost to you. For instance, if you are a social media manager, give them a social calendar for January. They will use and remember how dang helpful you are!
Budget: Small
Time: Big
Impact: Huge


9. Create an experience that is on-brand.

For instance, you can host a virtual class, like wine tasting, where you can invite your whole list. You can even support another small business this way!
Budget: It can get pricey, depending on the number of seats.
Time: Small/Medium
Impact: For those that come, it will be great!

10. Create a tradition and include them.

This can be anything from making a gingerbread house competition to a holiday push-up challenge. This is a great way to increase engagement with your list and help build a deeper connection.
Budget: Varies
Time: This is a significant investment
Impact: For those that participate, great!


Pro Tips:
– Don’t ruin this by making a pitch or ask. –
– Consider using a mix of these for different tiers of connections. –
– Be genuine and authentic – Everyone can smell a faker from a mile away. –
– Stay on message for your business and brand. –
– Have fun with this – The spirit of the holidays is magical. Create more magic –

(this is coming from a self-proclaimed Christmas elf)


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