5 Secrets: How To Use Quarterly Strategy To Create A Successful Business


The 5 critical things for solopreneurs to stay on track and keep up the momentum for the last few months of the year. Use this every quarter!

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This is the Success Society podcast with me, Megan Johnson, because you deserve to make money from your bad-ass business. So I’m here to help you create success sooner and with less pain along the way.

Hey, everyone. Here we are rolling into the final quarter of the year. Holy Toledo. I don’t know about all of you, but if you’re anything like me, the fourth quarter takes a bit more effort to stay on track. I’m certain that I was one of Santa’s Elves in a past life. So, a lot of things that get my attention in the last few months of the year. I have to remind myself that in this life I’m actually a business owner and solopreneur. To keep myself on track, there are five critical things that I do to keep up the momentum through the final months of the year and really continue to go for those goals. So, that’s what I want to talk about today.


#1 Revisit Your Strategic Plan

Okay. The first one is revisit my strategic plan. That’s just a business-y way of saying my goals and action steps, you actually can download a free guide to how I do this on my website. So you can go to MeganJohnsonCoaching.com/links and find it there and it’s just a free guide to help you create your own.

Anyway, I set aside three full days once a quarter to focus on this. It’s a massive boost to my progress. Don’t feel like you need to carve out three days right now, or when you’re starting, it’s difficult to do. And I had to build up to it myself. But I recommend that you try to find a half day.

Where you’re looking at, or maybe even making, a strategic plan for the remainder of the year. It’s really important that you know where you’re going and revisit it from time to time. So quarterly at the beginning of each quarter is a great time to open that plan back up and check it out and see where you are in the successful execution of that plan. Are you on track? Are you not on track? What adjustments do you need to make to your strategic plan? So that’s the first one, revisit your strategic plan.


#2 Start – Stop – Continue

Okay. Number two is something that you probably heard me talk about. It’s called Start – Stop – Continue. This is the same practice that I recommend you do in your weekly strategy for solopreneur sessions, but with a larger view. So quarterly, I want you to look over your business over the course of the last quarter as a whole. What went well? what didn’t? And answer the following three questions.

What do I need to start doing to be successful for the fourth quarter?
What do I need to stop doing to be successful in the final quarter of the year? And
What do I need to continue doing to be successful for the fourth quarter?

But the most important thing here is to also create an implementation plan for this. It’s really great. If you can answer these questions, but it’s not helpful at all. If you answer these questions and then do jack-shite about it moving forward. So don’t forget to implement your Start – Stop – Continue. That’s number two, you probably, if you’re following my plan and if you’ve been listening to my teaching, you’re doing this once a month anyway, and I’m more micro view. But it’s really great to do it. At a quarterly view as well.


#3 Evaluate Your Wellness

Number three. So important. I don’t know how many times I can foot stomp that if you’re not well, your business will suffer. So number three, is I check in with my wellness. No way around this basic truth of solopreneurship that you have to be well to have a successful business. So, take a look at how you’re caring for yourself mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Its especially necessary if you’re noticing that you’re out of balance or you need a little more in different areas. Maybe you’re mentally taxed and you need more mental rest, need to add in some more physical movement because your body’s not feeling great. It’s a great time, once a quarter to check in with your wellness. Okay. So never forget that. That’s number three.


#4 Plan Something Fun

Number four, my favorite, do something fun! (or at least plan for it). As solopreneurs, it’s really easy to get into that hustle and grind rut. Where we become all business and no play. I know, you know what I’m talking about. All of a sudden you look up from your desk, or your computer, or your planner, and you say, “when was the last time I just had a fun day?”.

You didn’t get into this life, this solopreneur business ownership life, to never have any fun. Wait. Please tell me you didn’t right. That would be terrible. I hope not. I hope there’s nobody on the planet that did that. You did it, probably, for more freedom and more enjoyment of your life and more flexibility for spending time with your family and doing what you want. So don’t forget once a quarter to do something fun. I love that.

At least plan for it. Okay.


#5 Your Business Manifesto

And number five. This is something I have for free for you also, because I love it so much. It’s my manifesto! I look at my manifesto and update and adjust with what I know I need to hear based on all this work that I’ve done. I love, love, love the business manifesto for creating and keeping up momentum. It’s super inspiring to read aloud or record yourself, reciting it and listen to it in the car or the elevator on your way to a big pitch, meeting, or even just to get through a day where you’re not feeling great. Make yours! If you haven’t already. I’ve got a free template. Again. MeganJohnsonCoaching.com/links. Business Manifesto, download the template and you’re going to love it too. Its perfect to up your solopreneur game!


So in summary, five things, if you do all these together are going to be really helpful.

#1 – I revisit my strategic plan. (Remember that’s just goals and action steps.)

#2 – I do Start – Stop – Continue for my business as a whole, for the entire quarter.

#3 – I check in with my wellness because I have to be well to have a healthy business.

#4 – I make sure to plan and do something super fun. Because we didn’t do this to have a crap life. We did it to have an awesome life and fun as part of that.

#5 – I revisit and update my manifesto with what I need to be successful over the next quarter.

You can totally get all of this done and a half day and be well on your way to an awesome next quarter for the record, I do these at the turn of every quarter. So now you have my program that you can use each and every quarter too, to keep up your momentum and be successful in your bad-ass business, too. I’m just going to be over here rooting for you as always,

Hey, solopreneur, drop me a line. If you do this and tell me what results you got, or if you.

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