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Episode 21: 5 Things I Wish I KNEW When I Was NEW Transcript



5 things every business owner needs to hearThis is the Success Society Podcast with me, Megan Johnson, because you deserve to make money from your bad-ass business. So I’m here to help you create success sooner and with less pain along the way. Today. I want to talk about five things. I wish I knew when I was new. So let’s go.

Okay. Like many of you when I started my business, I was all excitement and confidence, ready to take on the world and start watching the money flood in. Then it happened. I suddenly realized there was a lot, I didn’t know. That I needed to know as soon as possible I was all heart, but in truth, that’s the important part. Anyway. There were some things that I really wish someone had told me that would have saved me time, money, and a lot of pain. And that’s really what I want to talk about today. These are five things. I wish somebody told me when I was starting my business and I was squarely in the valley of despair. When everything’s hard and you don’t know your way out and you are really asking yourself, what did I get myself into? So let’s dig into the five things I wish I knew.

#1 The first one is sucking is a part of it. It’s important. You’re not going to be great at everything. When you start, when you’re new, you have a lot of practicing to do so don’t be so hard on yourself. Think about. Watching a baby to learn to walk. You don’t say, geez, you’re stupid infant. You can’t even walk, or you should be climbing trees by now. No, you know, you support them and love them and help them when they tip over and encourage them to keep trying. So please, don’t forget that. I know I say it all the time, but the number one thing is be easy on yourself. Sucking is part of it. You’re going to have to get the hang of things before they go really smoothly. So that’s the number one thing.

#2. There are a million. Right ways to do something. And I’ve talked about this on a podcast as well, but there are a ton of people out there, like me that have a system or a process or some other jazzy name for a way of doing something or running a business or marketing strategy or whatever it may be. You have to find the way that is best for you. And your life and your needs and your goals. There are many right ways. Choose yours.

#3 Momentum is slow. At first momentum is like a stalled car. If you’ve ever had to push a dead as a doornail vehicle, you know exactly what I mean. It’s hard at first it takes a lot of effort to get that sucker rolling. But once you do it practically moves itself. It’s the same thing with your business. It takes a bit to get going and a lot of effort, but keep at it. It gets easier. This applies specifically to getting traction in the market, having your marketing turn on all of that stuff.Reminder Megan Johnson Solopreneur coach

#4 Prioritize correctly. most important thing to your business is not a website. As an example, don’t spend money on things you don’t need, prioritizing where you spend time, money, attention, all of your resources. In line with the goals of your business and your life will save you a lot of pain and delay.

#5. If you aren’t well, your business will not be well. You have to take care of yourself, all of your brilliant ideas and words and solutions you provide to clients. Come from a healthy and rested mind and body. As soon as you are run down and shattered, it’ll show in your work. Let that go on and on and it will affect your results and your reputation. So you have to take care.

Did these hit home? Are you struggling to figure out just what to do in what order and how to accomplish it? I totally get it. We’ve all been there. The valley of despair is not a pleasant place. Remember every big business starts small when it’s time to level up and start setting and crushing your business goals and seeing real results.

You’ll just know it. Maybe you already do. That was the experience I had anyway. And I had a few business coaches since I started my business and I always just knew it was time and it always paid off. I want you to know that if you’re struggling in your business, get some support and help. It’s really hard to go it on your own. That’s why we have things like level up and the success society, Facebook group.

I really want you to be surrounded by people that you can trust that have similar experience and, Can provide you the support that you need as a business owner.

Are you tired of feeling like no one gets it. And if you just had some guidance, a lot of support and major accountability, the rude salts would just start rolling in. If, so I highly encourage you to spend some time thinking about what will help you get to the next level. What happens if you just keep going the way that you are?

Is that the future that you hope for?

If you want to talk this through, you can always hop on a discovery call with me. They’re free and I’d love to chat with you about it. You can always go to www.MeganJohnsonCoaching.com/links and you can find the button to get a discovery call with me there.

Otherwise, find your community dig in and just keep going.

I hope today’s episode helps you gain the clarity, confidence, and competence. To turn your biz into a revenue generating machine. Head over to www.MeganJohnsonCoaching.com to get some awesome resources, or if you’re on Facebook, be sure to search the group success society with Megan Johnson to get more connected with me.

I hang out the most on Instagram. So you can find me there @MeganJCoach. I’ll see you there and have a great week.

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