Megan Johnson is a business nerd, dream-maker, strategy boss, and confidence-boosting business coach. She helps her clients get confident AF and turn their service-based businesses into revenue-generating machines. Megan works with female solopreneurs to help them slingshot themselves out of the valley of despair and into empowered entrepreneurship and consistent income.

Megan has a Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship from Metropolitan State University of Denver and is certified in Integrative Life Coaching through the Integrative Wellness Academy. Megan offers her clients invaluable business knowledge and insight that she has acquired throughout her career. Megan has diverse and extensive experience at every level of organization, as a 3x small business owner, working for small businesses, fortune 500, government, and military. Megan and her husband Taylor, live in Elbert County Colorado where they found the backdrop for beautiful sunsets and the space for adventures.