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Everyday I am deeply grateful that I am surrounded by a community of entrepreneurial women. When I started my frist business I discovered very quickly it was going to take everything I had to make it work. Leaving a career where I was well established and starting again was a steep hill to climb. But, there was no stopping me. I was on FIRE. I knew that I could really serve this community of women entrepreneurs.

Misson became women on their mission.


Megan Johnson Coaching began in 2016 and was born out of grit and passion. I chose to specialize in women entrepreneurs pushing through a specific phase of business that comes after it is first established and when facing the first of many growth stages. Early in your business, your activities may seem relentless, stressful, inspiring, and extremely gratifying all at the same time. We’ll move your ideas into being and inspire growth so you can thrive.

Trying to find a coach can be very overwhelming. With so many options, you will need to narrow your search by looking at personality, specialty, approach, and practice. These ingredients enable you to build the deep trust and connection a great coaching relationship needs.

I help clients understand how to build and conduct business from a space of integrity. I allow them to be open, vulnerable, and honest, which leads to vital breakthroughs. Together, we identify what consistent, intentional actions are going to take them where they want to go. 

By working with a small number of clients at a time, I get them ready to crush their goals, set some new ones, and go again. Each “again” becomes a new opportunity for lessons and growth. During a free introductory session, we chat about what’s going on.

If we’ve made a connection, we may have the start of a unique relationship and can develop a coaching plan, and the next chapter of YOUR success story. We will reach business goals that integrate who you are as a human being with your purpose and mission.

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