Meet Megan

When you are a woman on a mission work and life are one and the same. We are so fired up about the work that we are doing that it IS your life.

When I figured out how to make both work for each other, I felt like I had figured out some incredible secret. My passion is helping professional and entrepreneurial women find this balanced way of living where we don’t pit work against life, build business’ we love, and live a life we love in a congruent and authentic way.

I am intensely passionate about human potential, your potential.

Even when you can’t see it, I do.


I understand the longing for different, for more, and better. I remember being desperate and terrified it would always be that way. I remember when I relied on others to lift me up. I remember when I didn’t believe I deserved a full and happy life. I remember the first time I believed in myself and saw the power it created in my life. I am so grateful for those experiences. Today they drive me, my work, and my fire. They inform my work and give me great empathy. I know that you are capable of creating your dreams.

Today, after all that I have been though to get where I am today, I am fully in control of my life. I am the creator of my destiny and have the ability to design my life exactly how I want to live it. Sound good? It is! The really cool thing is, you can have it too. I can help you get there.

You are more capable than you know. You ARE deserving. You are enough. You CAN do it. With unbiased input, frank accountability, and heart-forward support I help you finally do the thing, feel better, get in control, and crush some goals!

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