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Alignment and Authenticity

This isn’t woo-woo; this is how it can affect your bottom line.

If whatever you are doing isn’t in alignment with your purpose or “why” or the life you are trying to create, it doesn’t quite fit. It’s hard to stay driven, focused, and productive on projects that aren’t in alignment. You struggle to make it come to fruition. You can feel it, can’t you? When you are doing something that grates even the smallest amount against the direction you are trying to go. This also makes it challenging to try to carry these things out in an authentic way. Alignment helps to create authenticity.

If you are authentic in what you are doing, everyone knows. It’s like seeing a young woman in love, you can tell. She radiates it. When you are authentic, it is clear and engaging to anyone who looks that you are fully wonderfully authentic. It doesn’t matter how enthusiastic, articulate, or well-presented you are about something if it isn’t from a place of authenticity, the entire universe will know there is something off about it, and usually, it flops.

I have experienced this with different offerings I put on that I thought would sell well, but weren’t aligned. No surprise, they flopped. One of the projects, in particular, took a lot of time, energy, and money into it. I found that I was forcing it to be successful – which pretty much made the entire thing painful, the course didn’t sell, and I attracted people I didn’t want. I shut it down, frustrated about the resources I poured into it without a return on the investment, but mostly the wasted time and loss of momentum. So, friends, don’t make this mistake too.

The question you should always be asking yourself is: “Does this align with the life I am trying to create.” To be very clear, your business is part of your life, not in competition with it. When you ask yourself this question, my hope for you is that you easily and enthusiastically know the answer is YES, YES, YES!

:: queue Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally::

Bottom line: Be intentional that what you take on, where you spend time, energy, and resources, is in alignment and done with authenticity. You’ll be glad you did.

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