Success Story – Macey Robinson




Macey Robinson


“If you’re always comparing your losses to someones else’s wins, you’re giving up before you ever had a chance.”


Macey not only has the sights set on changing an entire industry and lives, but she also creates success for her partners and her clients.
Check out her story, and great message for all women entrepreneurs. 


How do you define “success” for you? Being happy. Wanting to go to work and genuinely loving what you do. You can make a billion dollars but if you have no fulfillment in what you’re doing, who cares what you’re bringing in. The goal is financial achievement as well as doing something that truly sets your soul on fire.

When did you know you would be an entrepreneur? When I was about 5. Haha. I never really wanted a “normal” job. I’ll give you a funny example of my kid self. My older brother played baseball and he was hard core so that meant my parents traveled all over the place for him to play in tournaments. So as a little girl that was pretty boring. So one day, I was helping my grandparents pick tomato worms off of their tomato plants. Well, I totally loved all critters and decided to keep one as a pet. This little worm made the treck with me to one of my brothers tournaments. At the tournament I walked around and charged the other kids .25 cents to touch it and .50 to hold it. For kids who didn’t live out in the country like me, this was quite the treat! At another baseball tournament it had rained, so there were a million baby frogs hopping around. You guessed it, I gathered them all up and sold those too. I just also have loved creating and being different. I have attempted a few careers and education of more traditional callings and it’s just never my thing, no matter if I was talented in the area or not.

What great advice would you give to other women entrepreneurs? Do your thing girl. Don’t look at Susie Q and wish for her life, that’s her life and you couldn’t do it like her if you tried. YOU HAVE YOUR LIFE. She for dang sure couldn’t do what you do if she tried. We are all blessed with different talents and gifts. Use yours. Not hers. And go out there and rock it.

Tell us all about Kairos. Weddings & events can become overwhelming and stressful. Finding professionals you trust for each area of your event can be daunting and exhaustive. Brides lose sight of what is most important on their wedding day because they are distracted by the details. Kairos offers clients to be able to live in their moments and breathe in the memories. Our mission is to provide the very best professionals in the industry to our clients. Each wedding is treated with intention and focus to deliver out clients only the highest of quality; and leave them with cherished memories. We are an elite company who are changing the industry’s approach and regard to weddings and events. We pride ourselves on bringing a new light to our customers experience. 

Kairos Weddings & Events, LLC is built upon every professional you would need for your wedding or event. We were crafted with the intent to make your big day extra special, and full of joy. Planning a large event does not have to be stressful and it shouldn’t be. It should be a day where you soak in every single moment. With Kairos you have found your entire team start to finish. No need to search out individual vendors, let our team handle all of your needs. Whew! That was easy. Check them out: HERE

What was your ambition when you started Kairos? Hmmmm my ambition when I started. It was to be the best in Colorado. To offer something no one really does, and in that, help people too.

How has it changed, and what is your ambition today? Not much has changed. I still want to offer a unique approach to planning and executing weddings and events. I love our personal approach and truly being there in this beautiful season our clients are going through. I mean, not many careers can say they help start people’s forever…. we want to be sure we do our very best in that area.

What is the best advice you ever got about running a business? To not care or compare. It’s one thing to see success and be driven by it. But if you’re always comparing your losses to someones else’s wins, you’re giving up before you ever had a chance.

What are some of the biggest challenges you faced as a business owner so far, and how did you overcome them? Colorado has a crazy saturated wedding market. So, being a brand new company it’s definatley been trial and error with what works in getting our name out there.

What is your secret to success? It sound cliche but seriously no matter how many times something fails, you always have to keep going. You see your vision, you know the dream you’re chasing. You always put one foot in front of the other and you keep on moving.

Now, tell us a fun “secret”. So this isn’t really a secret. But it is something that most people in my season of life don’t know….. I am a member of a world champion hip hop dance team. We were without a doubt the underdogs. From a tiny town. No one had heard of us before, up against the big dogs in dance. And none of that mattered. WE worked out butts off and didn’t care if no one knew our names going in, everyone sure as heck knew our names going out. Humble roots. Hard work. I am and always will be a cheerleader for the underdog. Entrepreneurs have to work for what they have just like we did. It doesn’t matter where you start its how you finish. Here’s our championship routine. Watch Here: Enjoy! 

What business or self-development books do you recommend? The Promise of a Pencil, Business Boutique (these are links to amazon where you can get these books)

Anything else you would like to shareto inspire and uplift other women entrepreneurs? We only get one shot at this life. Do whatever you’re doing with a genuine heart, and love. This world despite all the negative is a pretty amazing place. WE have crazy opportunity. Don’t let that slip away. Regret is some painful stuff, don’t regret never chasing your dreams. You were given the idea of them for a reason.

Lastly, What would you choose as your walk-out song (that is, if you don’t already have one)? Remember the Name – Fort Minor



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Success Story – Kaleigh Canavan

Kaleigh Canavan


“Don’t forget that we get the honor of being trailblazers.”

Kaleigh is the lady in charge at Canavan, Syddall & Associates, They provide professional Accounting, Bookkeeping and Consulting Services for businesses large and small, as well as tax and other accounting services for individuals. When I met her I was immediately impressed. I could feel it in the air – that this was someone special. No matter why you find yourself in the same space as Kaleigh, you know that she is incredible. She is a great success story, and I am so pleased to share it.


When did you know you would be an entrepreneur? I think I kind of always knew. When I was really young, all I ever wanted to be was “in charge”. I was 13 when I started my first company, which was a secret shopping service. It took way longer to figure out that Accounting would be such a significant facet of my entrepreneurial journey, which didn’t really click for me until my early 20s.

What was your ambition when you started? When I first started my company I wanted to make accounting approachable and accessible to people who were disinclined to work with a “good ol’ boy” accountant but still had needs. I wanted to change the way that accountants treat their relationships with their clients. I wanted to empower people to feel like they could understand their financial picture as well as why that understanding is important.

How has it changed, and what is your ambition today? A lot of what I was passionate about has remained true, but the scope of our services has expanded pretty significantly. When I started my company I only offered bookkeeping and payroll. Now we also offer services that include income tax prep and planning, business management and consulting.

What is the best advice you ever got about running a business? There have been a few gems along the way that still resonates with me today. “You’re not in the everyone business” was pretty powerful, because when I first started my company I was willing to work with just about everyone in the interest of growing my firm (which lead to some pretty ugly and stressful client relationships). “Hire the right people and get out of their way” was also incredibly helpful advice because I have a tendency to want to be very controlling and micromanage, even when I know the team that I put in place is incredibly capable. I’m much happier when I step back and let them do their jobs, and nobody likes to be micromanaged.

What are some of the biggest challenges you faces as a business owner so far, and how did you overcome them? Managing a growing team is really hard. I try to maintain a positive work environment, but there have been times when changes to our office have upset certain employees or made them feel insecure or frustrated. It’s tough to know how to mitigate that without caving to their desire for things to stay the same. It’s also a challenge to listen to everyone’s feedback and try to be accommodating to everyone’s needs without compromising anyone else.

How do you define “success” for you? Success can take a few different forms. Taking clients from a place of fear or anxiety about their taxes to a state of comfort and understanding is awesome. Putting my team in a position to feel proud of themselves is also great. The feeling of financial stability and freedom for my company and myself is amazing.

What is your secret to success? A fantastic support network. There’s a lot of behind the scenes cheerleading that goes on, which helps to keep me motivated.

Now, tell us a fun “secret” I freakin LOOOOOOVE karaoke. I’ve been told I’m somewhat good.

What great advice would you give to other women entrepreneurs? Be kind and gentle with yourself. I find that we have a tendency to be really hard on ourselves or push ourselves too hard or (insert unhealthy behavior here). Treat yourself the way you treat other people and go out of your way to make sure you’re being kind, generous and loving to yourself. You can’t be your best for others if you don’t take good care of yourself.

What business or self-development books do you recommend? ‘The Hard Thing About Hard Things’ was powerful for me, because sometimes running a business is gonna suck and you gotta learn how to deal with that. ‘Profit First’ is a game-changer and ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck’ is pretty important.

Anything else you would like to shareto inspire and uplift other women entrepreneurs? Don’t forget that we get the honor of being trailblazers. Dudes have to live in a world where most things they would think about doing have already been done by other Dudes before them. We, as women entrepreneurs, get to change the game, flip the script and redefine normal. This is a big responsibility but is also a freakin’ bad-ass privilege! What a time to be alive.

Lastly, What would you choose as your walk-out song (that is, if you don’t already have one)? Rhianna – Bitch Better Have My Money

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Alignment and Authenticity

Alignment and Authenticity


This isn’t woo-woo; this is how it can affect your bottom line.

If whatever you are doing isn’t in alignment with your purpose or “why” or the life you are trying to create, it doesn’t quite fit. It’s hard to stay driven, focused, and productive on projects that aren’t in alignment. You struggle to make it come to fruition. You can feel it, can’t you? When you are doing something that grates even the smallest amount against the direction you are trying to go. This also makes it challenging to try to carry these things out in an authentic way. Alignment helps to create authenticity. 

If you are authentic in what you are doing, everyone knows. It’s like seeing a young woman in love, you can tell. She radiates it. When you are authentic, it is clear and engaging to anyone who looks that you are fully wonderfully authentic. It doesn’t matter how enthusiastic, articulate, or well-presented you are about something if it isn’t from a place of authenticity, the entire universe will know there is something off about it, and usually, it flops. 

I have experienced this with different offerings I put on that I thought would sell well, but weren’t aligned. No surprise, they flopped. One of the projects, in particular, took a lot of time, energy, and money into it. I found that I was forcing it to be successful – which pretty much made the entire thing painful, the course didn’t sell, and I attracted people I didn’t want. I shut it down, frustrated about the resources I poured into it without a return on the investment, but mostly the wasted time and loss of momentum. So, friends, don’t make this mistake too. 

The question you should always be asking yourself is: “Does this align with the life I am trying to create.” To be very clear, your business is part of your life, not in competition with it. When you ask yourself this question, my hope for you is that you easily and enthusiastically know the answer is YES, YES, YES!  

:: queue Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally::

Bottom line: Be intentional that what you take on, where you spend time, energy, and resources, is in alignment and done with authenticity. You’ll be glad you did.



You Get What You Think You Deserve

You Get What You Think You Deserve



The stories you tell yourself are powerful, I know you have heard me say this before, that’s okay it is an important message.  What stories are you telling yourself about what you deserve? What are you reinforcing in your thought life about what you deserve in your relationships, your work, your success? 

If you want results, start with your thoughts.

I remember wanting more, but not believing I deserved it. Little did I know that those small moments when I said “I don’t belong here” or “This is too much” or even “I’m not sure I deserve this”  were creating that truth.

I hear it all too often from the women I work with. We know that thoughts create behaviors,  and behaviors create results. Your thought life has an incredible influence on EVERYTHING ELSE. 

Start today, be intentional.

Monitor the things you are saying to and about yourself, and defend against these negative stories and statements. This isn’t always easy, but it is always important. Get very intentional about the powerful and behavior creating dialogue. Soon, very very soon, you will start to see the results that you ACTUALLY REALLY DO deserve.  


What Business Coaches Won’t Tell You About Resting Bitch Face

What Business Coaches Won’t Tell You About Resting Bitch Face


You have big, important things to get done! You are running a business, crushing a mission, working your heels off, serving others, running a household, trying to keep it all together. Don’t let this little thing hold you back from closing the deal, making the connection, or getting the meeting. I want you to be successful. As a business coach, I help my clients remove barriers in their path to success. This includes all the little things… Like RBF. (heh.)

 Okay, so I’ll fess up. I felt terrible that I hurt someone’s feelings this week. Without knowing it at all, I put off this bad vibe to them. I am so so so glad she emailed me to ask if everything was okay. Otherwise, I would have no idea that I created strain in our relationship.

Sometimes I have RBF. Okay, a lot of the time. My husband is always saying, “stop scowling!” I can’t help it – that’s my thinking face… sigh.  I try to be very conscious of this because I don’t want to put anyone off. But sometimes it happens. So I am writing this, not just because it is an excellent reminder for all of you. It is also a reminder to myself to check in with my body and energy.

What are you putting out to the world by how you move through it? We don’t like to talk about it, but we have to. If you like it or not, how you are in the world creates important perceptions of who you are, what work you do, and if someone wants you in their sphere at all. From the look on your face, to the clothes you wear, to the way you speak inform other’s decisions and perceptions of you. How you present to others is as important as teaching them how to treat you – there is even overlap with that.

If you have hung around me for longer than a commercial break’s length of time, you know that I believe in doing all things with intention. Do them on purpose. This includes your body language and the energy you bring to every interaction. Here is how I try to deal with it. I try to do a full-body scan before engaging. I take note of my expression, my posture, how I’m (probably awkwardly) managing my limbs. Then I make corrections as necessary. With practice, I try to train my body and mind to align with the energy I need.

If I’m “On” like presenting or networking – I want to be more energetic and confident. I stand tall and confidently, smile and open, speak with clarity. I want to project myself as someone you want to know and do business with, as someone that has something great to offer.

If I’m meeting with someone individually – I want to be open and have softer energy, I want whoever I sit across from to know that they are seen and heard. I try to always direct my body towards the person I am speaking to, keep my arms open, softly smile, keep eye contact (without being creepy).

When what we present to others doesn’t fit with how we want to show ourselves, there is a weird misalignment. This weirdness creates weird results. However, you decide to present yourself root it in authentic you. The real, honest, true YOU. Trying to put on a fake version of yourself will always, always, come across strange and you won’t get the results you want.

Stop undervaluing yourself – Start realizing how great you are

Stop undervaluing yourself – Start realizing how great you are


Yesterday I was looking over a resume for one of the ladies in LevelUp. I had the same thought I almost always do when reviewing a resume. “She doesn’t realize how great she is.” This woman runs a business, founded multiple community organizations, and has an excellent education. Unfortunately, her resume didn’t show how dynamic and capable she is. I know how this happens. As women, we frequently downplay our success’ and achievements or all-out miss them. The stuff to brag about gets lost, and often forgotten, in the business of going on to the next task or project.

Think about it. You do this, don’t you? I do too.

This is magnified when you don’t work in a typical corporate environment. Without the corporate HR circus, we don’t have the forcing function of analyzing our performance regularly. For those of us that flipped the bird to Corporate America to go after our own endeavors, we really enjoy that we don’t have to sit down for annual reviews, that may or may not be accurate. However, we often don’t take the aspects of the corporate HR world that benefit us.

In many environments, you have to submit very regular updates on accomplishments and project progress. I lived and died by a Weekly Activity Report (WAR) for many years. I didn’t even do them very well, I rushed about all week and when it came time to do my write up and call it a week, more often than now, I sat there blankly. “What the hell do I write here.” I didn’t feel this way because I wasn’t getting ish done, but because I was already thinking about what had to happen next. The moments where I said to myself, “Yes! I crushed that.” were only as long as it took me to walk to the next meeting, or open the next email.

Think about it. You do this, don’t you? I still do too.

On the other hand, I knew that my success required me to have these together. I knew that I needed to be able to articulate my value to the team and the client, I still do today. That’s just business, it isn’t negative. Your success requires this. You have to be able to understand AND articulate what you are doing to help and bring about the desired outcomes.

You: “Megan.. what the fluff does this have to do with a resume?”
Me: “Everything.”

Okay, let me walk you through this. Your resume is meant to be a summary of how great you are. It is a peek into who you are, what your knowledge base is, the experiences that shaped you into precisely the amazing woman reading this today. It is the big picture made up of all the individual parts. Think of a photo mosaic. No matter if you are pitching a client, applying for a position, or asking for promotion this is a valuable tool. For your entire working career. No matter what you are doing. Yes, even if you are a freelancer. Yes, also if you run your own business. If people compensate you for your time and efforts, you need this. Hell, if you are working for free, you need this. Change my mind.

I won’t go into the different resumes and their uses, how to tailor one for a specific position or any other nuts-and-bolts of a resume. Snooze…. Instead, I want to talk to you about what you need to be doing to have the information you need to put it together in the first place. This will save you tons of frustration and anxiety when it comes time to put one together.

Keep a Brag File
The WAR I put together weekly forced me to do this. Each week I had to articulate what value I was bringing to the client and the company. I captured the wins. I documented the progress. When it came time to put something together, I had all those notes. It was a massive time saver. So a simple Word Doc is just fine. Be sure to have dates and note the essential qualifiers if you can  (how much, how long, how often.) It doesn’t have to be pretty; it just needs to have critical information and details.

Make it a priority
Set a time for yourself each week to capture these things. Friday as a final bow on your workweek is really lovely. Other options are just a running doc you fill out between meetings. However, it works best for you! Just be sure to do it regularly before you have moved onto the next thing, and lose your memory of what the heck happened.

Review it occasionally for EVEN BIGGER brags.
It is hard to see some of the more significant achievements that happen over time because we are in the thick of the day-to-day. Going back and reviewing your Brag File after a while is an excellent way to see the bigger stuff. This is how you catch more significant items like “promoted early 3 years in a row” or “Managed 3 projects under budget and on time simultaneously”.

I want to hear from you! – Let me know how it goes! Do you already do this? What is your method?