Success Stories of Women Entrepreneurship

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Success Story – Denaye Austad

Denaye and I are close. It isn’t by accident. She is exactly the type of human I want in my circle. Check out her answer to “What is your secret to success?”  The success she creates for herself is honestly earned thought incredibly hard work, significant grit, and a level of insight I don’t find in many people. This woman’s generosity is one of her greatest strengths and her ability to find solutions is inspiring. I love her. You will too.

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Success Story – Kaleigh Canavan

Kaleigh is the lady in charge at Canavan, Syddall & Associates, They provide professional Accounting, Bookkeeping and Consulting Services for businesses large and small, as well as tax and other accounting services for individuals. When I met her I was immediately impressed. I could feel it in the air – that this was someone special. No matter why you find yourself in the same space as Kaleigh, you know that she is incredible. She is a great success story, and I am so pleased to share it.