Like a freakin’ Cheetah

Align your actions with the future you want to create.
Read that again.
Align your actions with the future you want to create. 

This sentence makes us uneasy because there is nowhere to hide from its meaning. It is instructing, simply and clearly, to do the right things that will bring your vision into reality. It also forces you to ask yourself: Are my actions leading me toward, or away from the future I want to create? (You know, that whole “with intention” thing I am always talking about.) 

It squarely gives you responsibility, power, and control. Feels weird, but HIGH FIVE. 

You have probably heard the phrase “follow the money” before. (Fun Fact: it was made famous by the character Deepthroat in the 1976 movie All the President’s Men) It’s saying that the flow of money will help you gain clarity on what is happening and find the truth of a scenario. In the case of finding clarity about your current situation and future outcomes… I say follow your actions. 

Actions speak way louder than words

We all know that person who talks a lot about what a bright future they have. They seem so clear on the end they want and make sure everyone knows it. They often say things like: “I’m going to drive a Bently and live in a mansion on the beach.” The question is, will it happen? Do you roll your eyes because they aren’t doing anything to help themselves toward that end?

Or conversely, do you nod right along with them because you just know that someday that person will be in a mansion on a beach? Those that get eye rolls are vastly different in their actions than those who get the nods. So really, the difference is if they are taking the proper steps to create that future for themselves or just doing a lot of lip-flapping?

So, friends, it’s time to take a hard look at how you spent your last few days (or months). 

Did you binge-watch Bridgerton for the third time and let client work pile up? 

Did you learn something new? 

Did you take a walk? 

Did you only eat pizza for 2 days because your husband was out of town, and he doesn’t understand that pizza is actually bliss in food form? (Not that I would know anything about that..).

Dorothy business owner and solopreneur business coach for women Megan Johnson

Take your power back.

Stop waiting around for someone to give direction, or permission for that matter, on what to do. Instead, create behaviors based on the outcome YOU want. 

The thing is, we are far, FAR more powerful than we often let ourselves be. We get easily trapped in societal rules, cultural traps, and confusing messages coming from every angle.  These can lead you to believe that the control isn’t yours. The great news is you have the power to decide for you what behaviors you are going to choose. What YOU are going to do to build your dreams. You have the power to make a life and a business that brings you joy, success, fulfillment, and prosperity.  “You’ve always had the power, my dear, you just had to learn it yourself.” – Glinda, the Good Witch

So, what do you want?

what do you want business owner solopreneur business coach Megan Johnson

So, what kind of life do you want? What type of business do you want? I dunno, to me, it seems really obvious that you have to know what you are working toward to align your actions to that end. Oh, and also, do it on purpose. 

We can talk all day about dedication and effort, but if we don’t even know where we are trying to get to… well, we are just a lot of really dedicated people putting in a lot of effort, but toward what? I see a lot of business owners taking tons of action, but without any real direction. It’s intense but chaotic, like a tornado. It must be exhausting. Instead, better to take action with focus and movement like a freakin’ cheetah. 

Reality Check 

Compare your actions from the recent past with those you dagnammit know lead to the future you want to create. How’d you do? What does this help you see that you should change? Are there actions to add or remove? 

(Super-Pro-Tip: My Sunday Strategy Session will help you do this reality check every week to keep you super on track with your actions in alignment with your goals. Get the free worksheet here)

With my coaching clients, we go as far as setting and tracking revenue-generating behaviors that lead to the goals they have for their business. This hard look at the results their actions bring to them is often a vast difference maker in their momentum and success. 

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