Don’t make this mistake in your growth

Don’t confuse action with growth. Growth can be small and quiet. It can be below the surface where no one sees. It can be subtle and precious. Growth isn’t linear.


Let’s look at nature: in the springtime, everything LEAPS back with such astonishing speed everyday nature looks different than the one before. Then it will strive all summer long to produce beauty and harvest. In the fall, they send roots deep and harden their exterior. For the winter, they turn inward.


As business owners, our growth can be like this too.


Sometimes you have all the energy and excitement to leap into something new and the stamina to push it forward. With proper care, the right tools, and sunshine, you will produce amazing things for the world and for yourself. Just because it isn’t always springtime in your business (or you) doesn’t mean that growth isn’t happening. Sometimes, we must deepen our roots with knowledge, build new skills, and turn inward to plan and prepare for the coming season.


Spring brings so much excitement, especially in my neck of the woods. Things start to become alive again, and the birth of spring is so energizing and inspiring. I absolutely love the beginnings. Using this time to supercharge my own efforts is partially why I love springtime. The world feels cheerful, and I’m right there with it. By responding in kind with nature and the flow of the world around I stay more connected. Not just connected with the world but to my work and clients.


My crocus is blooming, and so is my business! I love helping my clients in growth. You could say coaching is like Miracle Grow for your business!



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