Are you a killer? A dream killer, I mean.

“Perfectionism is a dream killer because it’s just fear disguised as trying to do your best.” – Mastin Kipp

As a recovering perfectionist myself, it hit hard like a punch in the gut when I came across this quote. I immediately knew it was true. The worst part of it, it made me responsible for killing my own dreams. 

If your dream is to create a business that supports your life, where you can do good in the world using your talents and knowledge… same. 

If you don’t address this toxic mindset and habit, you will undoubtedly hurt your progress without a shadow of a doubt. In my experience, perfectionists stay in the valley of despair for MUCH longer. 

Stop killing your dream by killing your progress with perfectionism.

Start using the mantra of – done is much better than perfect – We all know that perfect is never done as a daily reminder that consistent progress toward the goal is most important. 

Evaluate when you begin a task what level of completeness is necessary to get the results you are looking for. Then strive to that result. 

Video is particularly difficult. In this case, I recommend giving yourself a set number of attempts and use the best result. No 100 attempts isn’t a great number; try 3. 

Did this resonate with you? Shoot me back an email and let me know how perfectionism has or is currently slowing your progress. 

As always, keep going!

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