Trying to find a coach can be very overwhelming. Once you decide that you think you are ready for someone to help you navigate a path into the big next thing, you’re suddenly faced with many thousands of options. It is a very common experience! So, to help you narrow your search, here are some considerations to find exactly the right coach for you!

Personality – What type of coach personality is best matched for your needs. The best coaches can match the energy you need in the moments you need them. They understand what type of energy motivates and inspires you. However, coaches are still people too.. We all have a different personality. You must be able the gel together to build the deep trust and connection a great coaching relationship needs.

Specialty – Sometimes it seems there are as many coaching specialties as there are fish in the sea. There are coaches that only work with specific demographics, spiritual or religious coaches, business coaching, health coaches, personal, professional… the list goes on and on.

Approach and Practice – Each coach works with their client in a little different way. How does a typical meeting look? How often, and in what medium, do you work together? How accessible are they outside of meetings? Are the virtual only, or do you want to meet them face-to-face?

My best advice is to walk into every first conversation with a potential coach open. Listen to your intuition and look for a connection. The coaching relationship is so so SO important. Look for someone with training in the specialty that speaks to the reason you reached out in the first place. Lastly, evaluate their approach and practice to see if it will work for you and your life.

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