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Do you want a better brain?

If you are like me, lying in a hammock under a tree reading Emily Bronte and Nicholas Sparks like I am 17 again isn’t really possible anymore. However, I do have my nose (or ears) in a book almost every day. I HIGHLY encourage you to do the same. To convince you, here are 3 incredibly compelling reasons you need to make reading part of your rhythm .

  • Brain Strength – Research tells us it makes your brain stronger and improves brain connectivity, pretty frickin helpful for all that business owner thinking you do, like 20 hours a day.
  • Learning – Choose books strategically to help you fill in the knowledge gaps you have or solve problems you are experiencing in your business. Obvious, I know, but true.
  •  Stress Relief! – We chose a super stressful path when we chose to start a business. One study in 2009 showed that six minutes of reading daily improved levels by 68 percent over time.
Now that I have you convinced…. here are two books I am reading right now.


Maxwell is a well-known genius. This book is just further proof. It s a great read. Should be compulsory.

This is a pretty quick read, I liked it for the many stories showing the application of the different strategies.

(I linked the picture to Amazon so you can just go get them… and start reading!)

I would love to see what you are reading!

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