Goal Setting Backwards

The best way to get there is to start at the end…. Stick with me. 

 The goal-setting backward method helps you create a master task list. This will help guide your priorities, project management and identify barriers and gaps between today and the goal. 

 Planning and action start at opposite ends. The action begins at the beginning (a perfect place to start), and Planning starts with the end result – or the goal.

goal setting business planning for new business owners Megan Johnson Coaching Business Coach for Solopreneurs

Step 1 – Identify the BIG GOAL(s)

 A lot of people struggle with this. “What do I want?” comes up a lot. But, this is precisely why CEO days are essential. This focused time is where you get to think about these things instead of just working “in” the business every.damn.day. 

It’s okay to have a few big goals. However, business isn’t simple, so it is hard to simplify your goals into 1 big thing. 

For instance, you may have 1 big revenue goal (reach 10k monthly revenue), 1 employee target (Hire 4 new team members), and 1 services or offerings target (expand into offering evergreen courses for passive income).

Step 2 – Break each goal into milestones

What are the major pieces you need to succeed in this goal?

Step 3 – Identify the action steps

What is required to get you from milestone to milestone?

Step 4 – Distill each into a master task list

And associate a notional timeframe for completion of each. – Now you have your plan! (Pro-tip: Add these into a system that you love to manage projects with your teams like asana or click-up)

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