How To Do Hard Things


Sometimes stuff is hard. It’s hard for all of us. It’s really why I started coaching new business owners, because you know, you look at the statistics and see how many businesses fail. And a lot of it is overcoming just the mass amount of difficult things that we have to do in a relatively short period of time to get through those first several years when stuff gets easier. And it’s not because we’re dumb or incapable or unwilling to try hard things. It’s because you just have layer upon layer upon layer of new things.


You’re learning as a business owner.

You’ve never had to figure out PayPal before or Stripe. You’ve never had to figure out how to build a website or file with the secretary of state. And so it doesn’t have to be a massive feat to be hard. It could be just hard because you’ve never done it before.

And we layer in dozens and dozens of those things every month that you have to learn as a new business owner and it just can be overwhelming and that sometimes can make even the little stuff hard. So it’s unavoidable, but you can do hard things. You absolutely can do hard things.

That is one of the most important mindset shifts that if you don’t already have that, you need to make. Understand that you are capable of doing hard things. Everyone is. So if you don’t know that as a truth about yourself, work on it.


Reassure yourself

One of the ways I help clients and myself remember I can do hard things and get back into the mode where I’m ready to crush it, is to sit quietly and think about something really hard you’ve overcome. You had got to the other side. It’s so important to remember how we’ve gotten here and you didn’t get here by just getting handed everything you’ve had to learn and grow and accomplish, to get to where you are today.

Sometimes our task lists can feel just super overwhelming and we have to pump ourselves up to get at our desk and do the thing. And if that’s you sometimes, it doesn’t take long to remind yourself that man, I’ve done some hard stuff. I can do this too.

You are a powerful being or a powerful person. There’s so much potential and you are totally in charge of making it happen or not. And so just don’t ever forget that you’re capable of doing hard things. And the more hard things that you do, the easier they get.


Visualize yourself doing it

I want you to focus in on it. And just visualize that moment for you, the fear, maybe you were scared, maybe you were overwhelmed, maybe you were super nervous and uncertain when you showed up there to do the thing. And then you did it and see yourself doing it, going through the experience of doing the hard thing, even though you were scared, even though it was hard, even though you were overwhelmed and weren’t sure about the outcome you were still doing it. Just visualize that. And remember that you went through the steps to accomplish some things.

Then think about being on the other side and how good it feels, and how for sure you were for those moments right after you accomplished it and that internal child in you that just jumped for joy. And sit in that moment for a minute and think about that.

Once you go through those three steps, identifying something hard that you did and feeling those emotions that you felt before you started going through it, even though you had those emotions and then the great, awesome, positive things that you felt after you were done, you only need to do this for a few minutes, but now look back at that task. And it’s a chump, you can totally do it.

I love this because it connects you to the feeling of successful, which is really important. We should really be encouraging ourselves and others to be connected to that feeling of success more often. It reminds you that you’re a powerful person. There is not time or space in successful businesses for you to constantly be making excuses for yourself or sitting in in low energy.

The mindset of I can do it. I am capable of success, and all I have to do is continue pushing forward and doing the dang steps that it takes to get successful. Please never forget that you are capable of hard things. You hundred percent are.

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