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Forward by Megan: My clients constantly inspire me. I often feel like my job is to give people seeds and to guide them in planting and tending them into a beautiful garden. I love watching them grow beautiful things in their life. Most people are so driven and willing; they just need the seeds and a little guidance. THEY do the work, THEY put in the time, and I am always awestruck by the beauty that results.

My amazing client, and now dear friend, Stephanie sent me this after working together for a few months. Over that time we identified some small changes that made a huge impact, and I helped her learn and integrate new tools for dealing with all the stresses and overwhelm that come along with motherhood, business ownership, and some challenging relationships. Her life and business have bloomed so much in such a short period. The power of coaching comes when you get the right seeds (tools and resources) for your needs, and guidance (unbiased input, heart-forward support, and frank accountability) while tending your garden (your life) into something truly beautiful.

Thank you, Steph for being an inspiration to me, and to everyone that knows you.

I didn’t know I needed a coach.

I’m halfway through my thirties, working hard on building my own business. I have a pretty great kid, a cute place to live that I can call my own, and finally a relationship that is worth pursuing seven years post-divorce.

I didn’t know I needed a coach.

I thought I had it mostly together- I’m proud of my self-awareness and my drive always to be better. I thought considering everything that’s been thrown at me that I was doing pretty well. I struggle no more or less than most of my friends. I work hard, I have big dreams, my family is amazing, and I have a lot of support.

So here’s the thing. I’ve never been more wrong. I didn’t know how bad I needed a coach.  I started working with one because I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

A friend of mine passed unexpectedly this last fall. The night after, I had no place to be, and I needed a distraction. I went to a vision board workshop that another friend had invited me to. That night I won the door prize – three coaching sessions with Megan Johnson. I was happy to win, but I had no idea that my life was about to change so drastically.

From the very first coaching call we had, I knew this was going to be different. There are no words that can convey how impactful, how GAME CHANGING, and how transformative it is to have someone as gifted as Megan in your corner- educating you, challenging you, and cheering you on. Without really knowing, Megan always KNOWS if I need a kick in the ass or genuine words of encouragement and support. I’ve shown up on coaching calls on the verge of falling apart, and she consistently helps me pull it all back together.  

She’s taught me tools (REAL TOOLS, actual tangible things) to help set intentions, eliminate procrastination, set and conquer goals and to overcoming roadblocks and distractions. More importantly, Megan taught (and convinced me) to put MY own goals, wants, and needs at the top of the priority list. It’s amazing when you unconditionally love and put yourself first, how much love and effort you have to give to everyone else.

She has connected me with new people that will help my business in a way I can probably never repay to her. She is my friend, a confidant, a support system and has shown me a light that I didn’t even know existed. She has given me the knowledge and the tools to be a better mother, a better girlfriend, a better businesswoman, and a better person.  I am awakened like never before.

So you might think you are doing okay. Or that coaching isn’t for you. Or that you can’t afford it. But I’m here to tell you; you can’t afford not to do it! The confidence and the tools and the life-changing things that transpire are truly priceless.

Thank you, Megan, you have changed my life.          




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