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Your Business Needs You

It is so hard to take care of our own needs AND run a business. Here are three examples I saw just this week with clients. (Names changed to protect the guilty, but still incredible, women)

Example 1: Britney is staying up late to send that last email, finish that final project, get two more things off the list… she is sacrificing sleep, rest, and healing. Left feeling overwhelmed, underproductive, and guilty, Britney feels terrible all the time. She isn’t taking the time to rest so she can tackle those things better the next day.

Example 2: Mandy is stuck in a vicious cycle of working to get out of work. She is putting in overtime to get to a point where she can quit doing overtime. She is stuck in a “self-licking ice cream cone” situation that is depleting her to the point where everything is starting to suffer. She is so beyond capacity that nothing is getting her best, so she isn’t producing enough from 9-5 to quit working the overtime.

Example 3: Christina is putting forth so much energy Monday through Wednesday that Thursday and Friday are shot. Worse, Thursday and Friday, she finds that she is short, hard to deal with, makes poor decisions, and generally doesn’t even like to be around herself. This is affecting her business relationships and deliverables.


All of these women spend the weekends just trying to fill their energy levels to the point that they can take off like a lion is chasing them on Monday morning.  This is an easy trap to fall into. I know because I do this myself, we have to pay close attention to how we care for ourselves. Because… say it with me…. YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT RESOURCE IN YOUR BUSINESS.

Are you operating at less than optimal levels, or even hurting the progress you are trying to make in your business because you won’t take the time to recharge, care for yourself physically mentally, spiritually, or socially?

If your business was a car rental business and you refused to perform maintenance on the vehicles you rented, how long do you think you would be in business? You are the driver, the visionary, the decision-maker, the client representative, the boss… you have to be in peak condition to handle all the demands a robust and growing business requires.

Take some time over the next week to audit your wellness, what do you need to be at your best? What steps can you take to start adding in some “maintenance time” into your schedule?

Your business requires it of you.
It IS a need of the business.
It is non-negotiable.


That’s all for now, take care.


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