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National Entrepreneurs Day

National Entrepreneurs day the third Tuesday of November each year. This is not like hot dog day or dress like a pirate day. While I’m always in for a hot dog while wearing an eye patch, this is not the same. At. All. Set by presidential decree in 2010, National Entrepreneurship Week recognizes the important place small business holds in the great American economy.

The proclamation begins: “Entrepreneurs embody the promise that lies at the heart of America.”

The business dweeb, that I wholeheartedly am has all the feelings when I read that opening.

Wait.. there’s more! It goes on: “These intrepid individuals translate their vision into products and services that keep America strong and competitive on a global scale, and build opportunity and prosperity across our country.”

Want goosebumps too? Read the proclamation here.

So my message to you is: SEE HOW IMPORTANT YOU ARE!? Maybe take one minute off from answering email, checking off the to-do list, or making calls to internalize how important you are on a large scale. Your hard work, daily grind, and continuous effort are important. You are so SO f-word-ing important.

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