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Dafne Tsakiris

Founder and Chief Strategist | Launch Point
Business consulting and fractional coo

Dafne started coaching with me shortly after launching her business. I immediately knew this woman had what it takes to be successful, very successful. However, she was overwhelmed and unsure of how to make it better. Reality hit pretty hard and she quickly realized she needed help. She had to make her business profitable, fast. When we met and talked though her current structure and related struggles and I knew I could help her.

Over the three months that we worked together we made some fundamental changes to her business, adopted new strategies and systems, and created a whole new approach to servicing her clients. We shook her up pretty good, she took it all on like a champ! Today her business is thriving, looking to hire, and not looking to slow down any time soon.

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Predictable income
Scaleable business model
Increased Revenue by 140% in 3 months
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