Procrastination Nation

That kick of adrenaline that says, “NOW IS THE TIME!” makes their heart pick up the pace and sharpens their mind. Suddenly, our friend here has a focus they haven’t had in months. It’s just hours until the deadline, and they haven’t even started. They kick it into gear, and with hyperfocus and probably a lot of caffeine, get it done. Then as the true procrastinator, they are…. They rub their hands together greedily and say “Nothing Like Coming In Hot!!” with a big grin on their face. This is where they think they shine… but is it?

I can spot a procrastinator a mile away (it takes one to know one). So productivity for procrastinators is a tightrope of success or failure, and the ones that make it look excellent tend to come through. But at what cost?

When completing things at the very last minute, we sacrifice things that can benefit our business. Let’s walk through a few big ones.

1. Quality & Reputation

Probably the most obvious. You may (read: probably) have to cut corners just to make the deadline. If given the amount of time and space to complete the project, would you have gotten in another revision or brought in that extra flair that really would have made it wow your client? Worse, you may miss deadlines and hurt your relationships, and that is a very big deal.

2. Peace & Results

Look if this is you… Yeah, you, you adrenaline junkie that is gambling with your very livelihood. Pick up an extreme sport if you want that in your life. I’m going to venture to guess (it’s not really a guess at all) that you are also getting inconsistent results from your business because your efforts are laying the rollercoaster tracks for them to follow. Peaks and Valleys – Peaks and Valleys – and sometimes you’re totally upside down. #AmiRight? 

3. Creativity & Innovation

Rushing to just get it done doesn’t give you the space to think of new and better ways forward for that specific offering or project. When you are in survival mode, you aren’t in a brain space that allows you to have big new ideas. Ideas that you need to grow to outmatch your competition and build to your success. If you’re always coming in right at the deadline, it’s tough to over-deliver.

So, fellow procrastination nation… let’s quit. Plan our time better, and get ahead on that deliverable and knock the ever-living-socks-off with the next project. Your business will thank you.

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