5 Coaching Sessions


Ready to take control back of your life? Five coaching sessions can bring a lot of clarity and begin the process of change. It may be all that you need to start working on the following road blocks and more:

  1. Holding you accountable for both your fears and successes
  2. Help defining your career path
  3. Get out of your own way!
  4. Stop being afraid of being vulnerable
  5. Stop feeling afraid of what you want to achieve
  6. Stay on track and on schedule
  7. Build your confidence and self-esteem so that you can go after the things you want
  8. Achieve your goals
  9. You’ll never get there if you never start, you’ll start faster with a teammate (who holds you accountable and gives you unbiased support). Super charge your start!


5 Coaching sessions includes: a focus questionnaire and five 1-hour private session.


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