“Oh Gawwwd they are all so much better than me”
“I don’t belong here”
“Oh hell…. I’m not qualified for this.”

I’ve been there. I remember. This came from my personal journal several years ago…

“Thee and a half hours airtime before hopping on another flight onto Reagan International. I’ll pinch myself over the next two days of meetings and handshakes hoping no one figures out that I am the only one in the room without the pedigree or resume to stand among those giants. I’ll pray no one looks down and identifies my new heels as from a store where I also bought tampons and a garden hose. I’ll shake hands firmly, speak clearly, and exude confidence… [f-words], I’m totally freaking out. I can do this.”

Everyone is making it up as they go

I have a great story about a room full of white-haired men that were all making it up as they went. No pressure.. they were making decisions with multi-millions of dollars and with national security at risk. That DID NOT make them wrong. They were doing their job, they were qualified and capable. But more than anything else, they were willing to lean in and do the work that needed doing.

You can too

When you are feeling like you don’t belong, remember, that you made your way to that room, circumstance, or conversation. Know that all that you came from, experienced, and learned brought you there. You, YES YOU.. are there for a reason. Embrace it, have confidence in yourself and what you have to offer, and then offer it.


Today’s topic is something I work with women on all the time. Smashing through this block helped these women find the work and lifestyle that they loved – and not for nothing – paid well.  It’s super powerful work that will have a massive impact on all aspects of your life.

Let me know if you want to chat in a Sample Session about it and how we could work together on this for you.

Keep being awesome!





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