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Hey, I’m Megan!

I’m a boot-strapped, DIY, kind of gal.

I left the stability of a 7-year career with the DOD to start coaching in 2016. Also, I went to business school (but, trust me, you really don’t need to) and then, built a six-figure business all by myself! I am a business nerd, strategy geek, and data dweeb. 

Now, everything I do is to help women build THEIR amazing business too.

Want to make this “solopreneurship” thing REALLY work?

Stop the confusion and start crushing it.

I’ve been there…. In the early days, rockstar craft and blazing entrepreneurial spirit created momentum for your dream. You were killing it and felt like you were on top of the world. But now you realize there’s a lot more to running a business. You’re staring down significant gaps in your skills and knowledge. And that’s not doing your confidence any favors.

Sound familiar?

Are You in The Valley Of Despair?

Overwhelmed every day with frustration and confusion?

Not sure which way is up and out into the dream version of this business?

Wonder if you were simply crazy to start this in the first place?

Worry that defeat is around the next corner (even if it isn’t)?

Feel like you aren’t really in control anymore?

If you answered yes to these, then it is likely you are. Look, we have all been there. I know how to help you out and back in the sunshine of optimism, and both competence and confidence. 

You’re so tired of the hustle and grind. But you want to have a successful business. So, it’s time we meet.

What would it feel like for you to:

  • KNOW what is going to create the success you’ve been waiting for.
  • Set and reach BIG goals!
  • Have a plan that brings consistent income.
  • Feel confident AF that you have what it takes, and WILL make it happen.
Solopreneur Coach Megan Johnson
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Solopreneur entrepreneur coach for women Megan Johnson headshot


The foundations you know you need, and start thinking like a CEO.  

You’ll learn my proven techniques and strategies that create consistent revenue. 

Attract clients that don’t suck

How to set your business up to be a revenue generating machine. 



Hours and hours of non-applicable lessons or endless reading.

Needing a ton of tech, confusing algorithms, or mental gymnastics.

Losing touch with the work you love (that brought you here in the first place).

Selling your soul and first-born child to advertising “platforms”


12 modules PACKED with my secrets to growing your business!

Support and Mastermind throughout the 3 months

Tools and worksheets to help you ACHIEVE success

A 2021 Planner designed just from my system!

3 One on One coaching calls with me! (Wait listers only)

client testimonial

Carolyn megan johnson business coach for women

As a new business owner, I was struggling with juggling all aspects of the business and trying to figure out if I was even doing the right things. I was hoping for guidance and help to make sure I was on the right track. Since working with Megan I started putting processes in place that have been huge; tracking my progress and activity has shown me what works and what doesn’t; and being able to view my business from the outside rather than only from the inside. My business has increased 10-fold since starting with Megan. I have a fresh outlook on my business. I have projects in the works and marketing tools in my arsenal to make sure that my business continues to steadily grow into the future.

If you are looking to grow your business and yourself as an entrepreneur, Megan is the partner you’ve been looking for! Coaching with Megan is not for the faint of heart! But if you’re serious about increasing your business, improving your processes and really learning the ins and outs of your business, I highly recommend coaching with her!

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What We Cover In Success Society


The reckoning: Changing course out of the valley of despair.


Reality Check: Are your actions in line with your goals?


Set the Stage for Sales: Getting ready for more revenue


Revenue Generating Machine: its not that complicated


Revenue Generating Machine: flip the switch


Your secret sales force: steady stream of leads


Step into “CEO” – think and ACT like a business owner, not a technician.


Sales doesn’t suck : Conversations the convert


Market It: Getting in front of your audience.


Sales Amplifier – Don’t leave money on the table.


Get gritty – Real talk on how to be successful


Keep going: and don’t quit

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