Natalie Levy

Founder, She’s Independent


Natalie is the type of woman that does more than want the best for others, she actively works to help them push forward. Her energy and excitement for life and humans are, in my opinion, a major reason she has found her successes. More, she is so open and ready to learn, experience, try, and give. I love what she is doing.

Tell us all about your business. is a womxn’s empowerment collective covering all aspects of empowerment. We cover the personal and professional, online and off, and connect multi-generational women. Empowerment isn’t just about asking for more money at work but about developing the mindset and investing in skills to empower ourselves in all aspects of life and through life transitions. We’re all about social impact. How can we reinvent and invest in our community and beyond. We care deeply about gender equality and also mental health & wellness. We offer regular in-person events in the Denver area such as rock climbing club, wild woman paint night, and mentorship and office hours. Given the pandemic environment today we are currently heavy on nourishment, connection, and healing via webinar offering restorative yoga, breath-work, sound healing and meditation, and more. We offer community, real conversations and insight, and have an underlying focus on mental health & wellness.

When did you know you would be an entrepreneur?

Corporate roles were always a bit of a struggle for me. Being a cog in a machine or not being able to tangibly impact company culture or strategy were frustrating. I enjoyed the golden handcuffs in ways but finally got to the point in my life where I wanted to align with my soul purpose. Following the loss of my mother to suicide I started the journey of building

What was your ambition when you started?

The initial scope was to invest in an idea and concept. I didn’t have a larger intention of making money but it has been something on my mind, but social impact comes first. My underlying ambition was to positively impact women like my mother to empower them across various areas of their lives. From healing and building confidence post-divorce around being single or in managing personal finances.

How has it changed, and what is your ambition today?

My ambition and goals haven’t really changed, per se, but the focus and business impact of empowerment now also more directly speaks to mental health & wellness. Through the journey of exploring various areas of empowerment personally and through our community I realized the importance of areas like nourishment and healing through meditative practices and stepped up our focus on mental health & wellness following the death of another immediate family member to suicide. I now aim bigger. I not only want to try to make an impact but am more dedicated than ever around making real change. I have been bootstrapping (self-funding) this business since inception and am now stepping up investment in marketing resources to continue to build this community.

What is the best advice you ever got about running a business?

Fail fast. And learn from it. (have a growth mindset. also – try and learn versus waiting until you feel fully ready or you waited too long) Also. GO. An idea is just an idea. Try it. (regarding starting…)

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced as a business owner so far, and how did you overcome them?

Mindset – Getting started was a big challenge. I had the concept of a women’s empowerment business for many years. Experiencing post-traumatic growth and the bigger life transition allowed me to reinvent this internal narrative that had been a roadblock. Growth is slow. Again it’s mindset. I’ve accepted that it’s tough to be an entrepreneur and that we won’t just succeed because we’re doing important things. There is a lot of noise out there and we are doing the work to establish who we are and our credibility.

I’ve accepted that it’s tough to be an entrepreneur and that we won’t just succeed because we’re doing important things

How do you define "success" for you?

Success to me means making a difference. I feel like we’ve already succeeded in terms of intention knowing some women have opened up and started to heal from abuse after reading our blog posts on the topic. Other women have been mentored and not only received 40+ % raises at work but more importantly developed core skills and understanding of their needs that they will take through life. Monetarily we aren’t yet succeeding as I continue to self-fund the business. Yet, it is intentional and I’m happy to do it today.

What is your "secret" to success?

I think the underlying passion and drive from having lost now two family members to suicide makes this a journey that’s unique to me and our community and means we won’t be giving up anytime soon.

Now, tell us a fun "secret"!

We started with the story of sex-positivity as a path to empowerment but realized that this is just one of many areas we wanted to address. Pivots and months later mental health & wellness is the core focus. But we still love to talk orgasms and women’s sexual health 🙂

What great advice would you give to other women entrepreneurs?

Don’t wait. Try it. Also, don’t be too hard on yourself as it’s an ongoing journey of learning and creating.

What is the best business or self-development book you recommend?

I haven’t read many too recently but I enjoyed Zero to One and Do More Faster a while back. I’ve had a lot of experience and schooling through professional roles so I haven’t done as much reading to catch up. I’ve also worked with several business mentors and friends to ideate and strategize in various areas.

What pumps you up?

American Woman (Lenny Kravitz)