I found my clarity! I feel like I am on the right path now. I continually am saying out loud and in my head that “I’m happy!”… which before Megan I was having such a rough time I honestly couldn’t voice when the last time I truly felt happy… even though I have an amazing husband, friends and family, I felt so lost in my purpose in life. And that will bring you down in a big way. But Megan helped push me and guide me to find the answers I was looking for and encouraged me to take the leaps of faith I was worried about. And she was truly a good friend, there for me whenever I needed her. She is so incredibly helpful. Somehow she guides you in the right direction but you figure it all out on your own! This life is meant to be lived fully and not in a dark or lost place, and Megan will definitely help you get there. Always looking for ways to help me, keep me on track, uplift me, support me. Whichever direction I turned she was there helping me and backing me up.