I can’t tell you how many times I have sat across from a woman who describes an interaction that was super-icky. You know the kind I’m talking about…. It is either in their demeanor, actions, or discussing something that really runs the line of your ethics. We have all been there.

A long time ago I found myself in a place where I was surrounded by this culture. Where people were willing to eat their own young (figuratively) to get ahead. For me, I knew I had to make some important decisions, draw a line, and then be firm. I simply decided I would take the high road every time.

You’ll be noticed

It might be frustrating to see people get ahead with their icky-ness, but don’t stray from your conviction. “The high road is always respected. Honesty and integrity are always rewarded.” Scott Hamilton. People will see this in you, respect you for it, and want to do more with you.

These are your people

This is what people are looking for in life and business. Soon you will find yourself with plenty of company on the high road. You’ll find that you have created a circle that you can trust, and trusts you. People that have way less drama and conflict because they aren’t constant dodging the fallout from something gross they did. Here you will find success and fulfillment.




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