The Power Of Seeing Yourself Do Something


I want to talk about the power of seeing yourself do something.

It’s something that I have talked about for years with my clients and I’ve talked about it on podcasts, but I really want to put a point on it for you, for the new business owner and how you can leverage the power of seeing yourself do something to get faster, better results and results that stick.

The power of seeing yourself do something today is incredible. It is not a new idea. It’s based on a lot of psychology. I’m not going to dig into that but basically seeing yourself complete something or seeing yourself go through something is incredibly powerful for your brain and your heart and your muscles and all of that.

All the pieces that come together and allowing you to execute on something and going through it is a great process, but going through it and then having the experience of watching yourself complete it is really, really powerful.

And here’s the thing about it that’s really important and we’re going to pick it apart, it’s neither good nor evil. It’s neither good nor bad. It is both. It can be either.

It’s a very powerful force, but it can be used for good or for not so good as well. It’s just like money. We can spend money helping the poor or saving for retirement or putting our kids through college or we could spend it on drugs and human trafficking and like horrible things.

So it’s just like money. It is a tool that you can use. To change the direction of your life and the power of seeing yourself do something is totally free and you’re totally in control of it. That’s why it’s one of my favorite tools that I like to talk to business owners about.

I’m going to give you a positive example and a negative example.

Let’s Start With The Negative

The classic example that I give, in that the power of seeing yourself do something in a negative way is; I have had a habit and I still fight this habit in the past of getting so busy and packing my day so full that I’ll skip meals.

And I know I can do it because I’ve done it. I’ve seen myself be able to get up in the morning and have a 10 hour day and really not eat anything and survive on coffee and water all day.

I know that’s really not good for me but with the power of seeing myself do it multiple times, I will choose to do whatever I think is a better choice being productive or getting somewhere or whatever it is, instead of choosing to eat.

The power of seeing myself do that reinforces it like, yeah it’s not that important, you’re fine, you can go on without it. And it just creates this really negative momentum in my life.

I have to be very careful to not allow the power of seeing myself get through days without food to create that future for myself again and again because that’s really, really negative.

Please don’t follow my footsteps and do that instead I’ll tell you how I re-work some of this power of seeing yourself do things in a negative way in a few. We’ll come back to that not eating situation and how I corrected it, but I see other things in business as well.

Short Term Wins Are Great But…

I will see people, for example, lean on referral instead of working on marketing or lean on short term wins instead of putting in place long-term marketing for their business

For example, there are certain things that you should be doing to market your business that take a while to get rolling. I just recently learned that Pinterest is one of those. It takes a long time. I’ve been on Pinterest for a while but not really intentionally. I’ve just been on there.

It takes a while for Pinterest to build but instead what I see clients do is go, I’m just gonna go hit the streets. I’m gonna make some phone calls and try to get some short-term wins. And while they’re so busy getting short-term wins, they’re seeing the power of getting those short-term wins but they’re not applying the time that they need to also be putting into place some of these things that are going to take a little while to create momentum.

They’re seeing things as I’ll just get sales whenever I want them. So they don’t apply the time necessary to grow some of those long-term strategies as their business grows and they’re going to need more and varied sources of new clients.

Those are two really good examples of the power of seeing yourself do something used in a negative way. You’re actually not doing what you need to be doing, long-term or for the greater good because you found a workaround that may be unhealthy or not a long-term game.

There is Power Behind The Positive

Now in the positive, there’s the power of seeing yourself do something that is in my opinion, just fabulous because it creates so much great momentum for you. And sometimes you want to use the power of seeing yourself do something intentionally to create momentum.

If you guys know Dave Ramsey’s snowball method – the debt snowball method, he’s using this power. And what he teaches is to pay off your smallest debt first and then use the payment that you were paying off that small debt to go to the next one and start snowballing paying off debt.

It’s great. We’ve used it in the past. It really works. Talk to a financial advisor though, because there are all sorts of different circumstances where it may or may not be good for you.

I’m not giving financial advice whatsoever, I’m just using it as an example of the power of seeing yourself do something because the method says, oh look I can pay off debt. And then it shows you, I can live without that amount of money. And so I’m just going to add that to the next step.

You can use that same principle in your business if you struggle with an area of it.

Using The Positive In Business

If you really, really struggle with networking and sales and talking about your business, you could use some time and maybe you’re using my formula for how to talk about your business. It’s a free download actually, you can grab that here.

Basically, it’s just a way and an exercise for you to figure out how you’re going to talk about your business. And maybe the power of seeing yourself do something can be utilized here by the first time you do it as you write it out. You can try it by yourself alone. Or you can record yourself on your phone and then listen to it back and then you’re like, okay, that didn’t sound too terrible. Then you try it with your family and your friends and then you try it with some already developed referral partnerships or colleagues. Then you just utilize that power of, Hey, I can speak really well about what I do, passionately and articulately. I just have to practice it.

Then pretty soon, as my friend Denae says, “you’ll be eating that shit for breakfast” because you’re utilizing the power of seeing yourself able to do the thing that scares you or the thing you don’t particularly have a lot of skill in and developing it more and more and more as you go down the line.

What a great example. It’s something that we all continue to work on.

Even when I add something new into my business, I go back to that formula and figure it out. I ask myself, so how am I going to talk about this? When I’m inevitably asked the question, what’s new in your business, Megan? I can go, oh well, I’ve practiced this.

That power of seeing myself do it in the past gives me the confidence and the ability to do it on the spot when it was time. So that’s a really great example of utilizing that in a good way.

Show Up For Your Business

The other thing is just performing your job. Being able to see yourself, show up for your clients and do a really great job is going to propel you on and on and up and up.

When you’re in a space and you have an opportunity, you’re like, well, I could just do good enough today. And that’s okay. Think about the power of seeing yourself do something and say to yourself, no, I want to see myself give the absolute best that I have. So that next time when it’s time again, you’ve got this power of seeing yourself do something, that says, no, I did a great job last time. I’m going to do that again.

It creates this muscle in you if you just have some intentionality about it. You know there’s the power here in the outcome that you do right now. So you want to see yourself do something really, really well. You’re going to put in that extra effort, you’re going to give a little bit extra so that on the back end of this, you can go back and say, look, I did it once before I can do it again.

Breaking The Cycle

Before I close out today, I want to talk about how you may reframe some of these negative momentum, negative things that are occurring from the power of seeing yourself do something.

Let’s talk about the food thing.

It was like surprisingly, a big problem for me for a while. I mean, I’m really busy. I’m always going. I’m always doing things and it turns out if I don’t schedule a lunch I’m not going to get lunch, so I have to do that. And I knew I had to interrupt this cycle that I was doing in my life.

What I did was I said, okay, every time I make sure I make the time to have a meal, I’m going to recognize the power and the change of my day afterwards.

And so I really processed afterwards and said, man, my brain is sharper. I feel better. I’m less grouchy. You know hangry Megan, nobody likes hangry Megan. And I recognize the power in feeding my body.

I know it’s so silly people. I know there are so many of you that are just shaking your head at me. Like of course, Megan, but I know there’s a ton of you that are like, of course, I know me too. So if you’re one of those, this is how I got out of that cycle.

After I would eat a meal, I’m like, man, I have better ideas. I’m getting better work done faster. I use the power of seeing myself actually eat to reinforce the making time for mealtime. And so I just re-changed or switched my brain on how I thought about that and it was a really great switch and it took me a little time.

You Can Create Positive Momentum In Your Life

You can use any of these if you’re noticing negative impacts from the power of seeing yourself do something that maybe isn’t getting the results you want. Spend some time trying to find a reframe of the great effects of actually doing that or not doing that, whatever it is that you need to change to create positive momentum in your life.

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