The “Right” Way


You’re going to get a lot of advice when you start a business and some of that advice you seek out and some of that advice just comes at you.

I imagine it’s comparable to when you’re pregnant and everybody just has all these ideas about how you should mother and be pregnant and live your life. 

I watched too many of my friends go through that and it’s so frustrating. Like everybody’s got a freaking opinion and it’s annoying.

But starting a business is kind of like that. Everybody’s got an opinion about the right way. 

I’m here to tell you there’s a lot of right ways. There’s a ton of people out there, like me that are coaches or consultants, or just do-gooders in the world that want to see you be successful. And so they have their version of the right way.

If you’re in that early stage where you’re getting a lot of advice on the right way to market or create a website or even just fund it or launch it or get your first client. My encouragement to you, is really you need to find the right way for you.

There are a hundred right ways. There are millions of right ways to go about your business. 

And so that is going to end up being hopefully a hybrid of all these different places that you’re learning from and taking in information. So that you can find the right way that works for you.

Let’s Dig Into Figuring It Out

In a service-based business, you have to begin with figuring out your offering. You have figured out your pricing and your packaging, you have to understand who you’re serving and how you’re going to serve them. 

You have questions, like how am I going to actually deliver my service and how am I going to get paid? How am I going to get feedback from clients? 

And then also once I have all that designed, and I know what I’m offering, how am I going to get my clients? Am I going to be online? Am I going to set ads? Am I going to do organic marketing? How important is SEO to me right now? 

You’ve got a lot of questions that you’ve got to figure out.

I encourage you to go and do your research as you’re figuring out how you’re building your business and moving through growth. 

But don’t just take the words of one expert (they probably are an expert) and say, yep, that is my way!

Evaluate What Is Going To Work For YOU

You need to evaluate it based on what’s gonna work for you in your life.

Everybody’s life is different, and you’ve got this whole ecosystem that you live in. You’ve got a family and a home, whether it’s an apartment or a house or a townhome or a tiny home, or you live out of your van laptop lifestyle. 

Whatever it is, you’ve got an ecosystem that you have to work within.

So compare the advice that you’re getting to the ecosystem that they’re coming from. 

Somebody that may be able to see clients out of their home because they’re in an ideal location. And they’ve got a great setup at their house to be able to see clients may not work for somebody that lives in a rural area or out of their van. That may not be the best way to see clients. 

You need to evaluate all that.

What is it that is important to you as you build your business and grow to have freedom to work within? Or in some cases, constraints to work within?

If you have kids, do you want to make sure that you have every afternoon with them? And so you only see clients in the morning. And does that work for your service offering? Does that apply to your client base? They may be willing to do that. So you may need to make adjustments. 

There are a million scenarios. But you just have to think about how are you developing your service and your way of being in business so that it works for you and your family and your needs because if you set it up in a way that is really incongruent with that, or really creates a lot of friction with your family or just your lifestyle. It’s going to be really hard to keep that up and you’re going to end up changing it anyway.

I’d rather you take the time to consider all these right ways of being and say, “which is the right way for me, which is the right way for my business, for my offering and, my future that I’m trying to build as well.” 

I guess that’s the second point here is not just to consider your current circumstance, but are you going to move in two years?

If you’re going to move in two years, should you be thinking more about building an online presence instead of just local organic networking referral partner building, should you be looking at building referral partners that are more virtual? 

So those are all considerations that you should have as you build out the way for you to be in business, the way you do business, the way you provide services as well. 

This may take you a couple of weeks or a couple of months to get through.

I always hate it when I’m like a downer, when I’m like, “Oh, you’ll figure it out. And everything’s going to be easy.” Not necessarily true. You’re going to figure it out for now. And you’re going to keep tweaking it and changing it based on your experience. What works for your clients? What gets you the most successful outcomes? 

Be Flexible, Things Will Grow & Change

All of that is going to be a little bit different as you grow and change in your business as well. So be flexible. 

I know it’s hard. You want to set it up exactly the way you want it. Right now, but try to maintain some flexibility in your mind that this might change. So this is just my way for now. 

And again, there are so many right ways. 

So I guess my final thought for this little quick hitter today is….

You’ve got a lot of do-gooders that want to give you a lot of great advice. Sometimes every once in a while someone comes around and it’s like popping balloons. Like popping all your excitement, like a needle in there, just taking the wind out of your sails. They don’t recognize that they’re being big, old jerk faces because they think they know the right way and they come around and they say something like, “Oh no, that’s never gonna work. You should quit doing that.”

At The End Of The Day, Make YOUR Own Decision

I encourage you to make your own decision if they are somebody that you trust and that you value their opinion, listen, and decide for yourself if you think that’s a good decision, maybe they’re providing you with some really great feedback for you to do some further research and maybe they’ll save you some headache down the road.

Maybe they just know the right way for them and the way they share their opinion is kind of like a butthole. So consider that as well. 

Other people’s opinions are a hundred percent theirs and you get to decide whether or not they’re going to be your opinions as well, and whether or not you’re going to take heed to them.

That was one thing that was really hard and that I still see some of my clients go through, especially in The Success Society, the group program. 

You can see somebody walk in and every once in a while and they’re just down and you ask what’s going on, Jane? And they’d be like, “I just set my whole website on XYZ and somebody just told me that that is a terrible, terrible thing. And I’m never going to be successful because I’m using Wix”

And so we have to kind of talk it through and say, “well, here’s the pros and cons to Wix, here’s the SEO and stuff. But is that stopping you from being successful today?” 

And usually, the answer is no, and it’s fixable and there’s very often what feels like an emergency in situations like that is not or feels really, really big is not because it’s our baby and it’s really important to us.

Your Right Way May Not Be Somebody Else’s Right Way

So guess what I’m saying is this, there are a lot of other people’s opinions of your business when you’re new. But just a reminder that there’s more than one right way. And your right way may not be somebody else’s right way.

Even, if you have a really similar business you’re right way may be different than somebody who you respect and value their right way.

So just keep that in mind. And as you move through and keep going, 

You know what I say? 

Just keep going, keep learning, keep figuring it out as you go and keep growing as you do it and evaluate everything as it comes to you.

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