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I Help Solopreneurs Get Success, Sooner.
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Hey, I’m Megan
I am a business nerd, strategy geek, and data dweeb. 

I’m a boot-strapped kind of gal. I moved away from home early, spent 4 years in the military, and then left the stability of a 7-year career with the DOD to start coaching in 2016. I went to business school (but, trust me, you TOTALLY don’t need to) and then, built a six-figure business. Now, everything I do is to help solopreneurs build THEIR amazing business too. 

VIP Packages Megan Johnson coach for women business owners and solopreneurs
VIP coaching for women business owners and solopreneurs
6 month VIP coaching for women business owners and solopreneurs
12 month VIP coaching for women business owners and solopreneurs

Why should you apply for VIP coaching?

You’re passionate about your business. I am too. I’m all-in with my VIP clients. Borderline obsessed for and with them about what they are building.

So you can get there faster, I’ll help you avoid mistakes & break through barriers that are in your path to success.
So you can focus on the “right” stuff for where you and your business is right NOW in your totally customized program. 
client testimonial
Carolyn megan johnson business coach for women

As a new business owner, I was struggling with juggling all aspects of the business and trying to figure out if I was even doing the right things. I was hoping for guidance and help to make sure I was on the right track. Since working with Megan I started putting processes in place that have been huge; tracking my progress and activity has shown me what works and what doesn’t; and being able to view my business from the outside rather than only from the inside. My business has increased 10-fold since starting with Megan. I have a fresh outlook on my business. I have projects in the works and marketing tools in my arsenal to make sure that my business continues to steadily grow into the future.

If you are looking to grow your business and yourself as an entrepreneur, Megan is the partner you’ve been looking for! Coaching with Megan is not for the faint of heart! But if you’re serious about increasing your business, improving your processes and really learning the ins and outs of your business, I highly recommend coaching with her!

Carolyn Seeger, Keystone Gifts

What would it feel like for you to:

  • KNOW what is going to bring in the clients (and $$ with them)
  • Set BIG goals that are not only reachable but life-changing?!
  • Have a custom plan in place to reach those goals – faster than you think!
  • Have consistent income and awesome clients.
  • Be confident AF and leave the fear and anxiety in the past.
  • Celebrate milestone after milestone of growth.
  • Spend your “down-time” as actual down-time.
Solopreneur Coach Megan Johnson

I’m here to tell you:  You deserve to make money from your service based business!

Girl, I get it. You didn’t start this business just to have an expensive hobby, and while you’re getting some results, you want more. I’ve been there. So much so, that I went to business school to help me get better.

I can promise you; you don’t need business school. But I have dedicated my work to provide the knowledge and support that you DO need, and delivering it HOW you need it. 

client testimonial
Mia client and Solopreneur Megan Johnson coach for women business owners

Before working with Megan I was mentally and emotionally exhausted. I wasn’t putting time into my business. I was lacking motivation, focus, and structure. I knew I had more potential than I was exercising.

Since working with Megan, I am accountable and in tune with who and how I am and how it shapes my business, I am excited about evolving my business instead of overwhelmed and burnt out. I am also actually tracking my production and how I hit it and making adjustments for what’s working and what’s not. Today I’m doing better than I could have ever imagined. I understand my business better and what activities are necessary to propel it. I’m not just blindly taking action or sitting on the sidelines.

Megan is so much more than a coach!! Her approach is so open minded, creative, and smart! She understands business’ and how to grow them! She also genuinely cares about the person behind the business and never prioritizes one over the other.

Mia Kelley, Real Estate Investment Broker

The best time to invest as a solopreneur was yesterday, but today is a close second. 

Solopreneur entrepreneur coach for women Megan Johnson headshot
VIP coaching is the perfect place for you if:
  • You have a service-based business that you LOVE, but it’s sometimes a love-hate relationship.
  • You’re soooo tired of the hustle and grind (that you could scream – or sometimes do), and know there is a better way.
  • You want an expert in your back pocket to help you slingshot to the next level.
  • Serving your clients makes the struggle-bus days’ worth it, but less of them would be super-great.
  • You can’t imagine giving up, but you fear failing – and that is just not an option.
  • You have SO MANY ideas, but not sure which are worth executing on.
  • You are an achiever and driven for success.
  • You value learning and growth.
  • In your soul you know you can do this.
client testimonial
Lizzy personal trainer megan johnson business coach for women

When I met Megan, I was really looking to upgrade my business so that I could get in to my own, private, gym space. I was in need of better strategies and processes that would make achieving these goals possible. The skills and techniques that I learned with Megan still serve me every single day. Since we’ve stopped working together my business has continued to grow and adapt, and with this, I am now trying to hire on additional trainers to build and expand my brand!

Working with Megan I reached my goal of hitting 6 figures, maintaining a full schedule and gained more confidence to make sales pitches and express my value without fear of rejection or ridicule. Megan is absolutely incredible. She is strong, kind, tactful, and intelligent as hell. She knows how to meet you where you’re at, get to know YOU and the why behind your business, and focuses on what needs to be prioritized during every step of the process. I couldn’t recommend her any more strongly.

Lizzy Dregne, Embodied Movement Training Systems

VIP Packages Megan Johnson coach for women business owners and solopreneurs
VIP coaching for women business owners and solopreneurs
6 month VIP coaching for women business owners and solopreneurs
12 month VIP coaching for women business owners and solopreneurs
You are worthy of success. Yeah, you.