What’s happening in that brain of yours?

Every great coach, guru, leader, or pundit will tell you that your mindset is INCREDIBLY important to your success. I’ve got a shocker for you: They are right. Negative self-talk might just be sabotaging your success. Good News! Turns out, you’re in charge of your brain (and thoughts). 

It’s not as easily done as “just fix your mindset.” It just takes practice. Often, we aren’t aware of the common mindset issues that are not helping our business or ourselves create success. 


Be on the lookout for these common self-talk phrases and give them a switch. Here are some examples I’m always on the lookout for with my clients (and myself too!):

This is impossible —- This is new/difficult but doable.

I’m going to look stupid — I’m going to show up confidently even if I’m scared.

I don’t know what I am doing — I can leverage the experience I do have.

I failed — I learned.

I can’t — I can with X

I’m never going to be like X person  — I’m going to show up as my best and as myself.

I’m horrible at X… I’ll improve. 

I’m an idiot — I haven’t mastered this yet.

While I’m at it – watch out for absolute language – these make a BIG difference.  

Never/Always — Rarely/Often

Every/None — Often/Rarely


So be on the lookout for these little confidence killers and momentum destroyers in that brain of yours. 

Sometimes a client says one of these in front of me and is shocked when I call it out and ask them to try again. – I’m not going to lie… I get a great deal of pleasure out of those moments. 😊 

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