You Aren’t For Everyone So Quit Trying


So often I see business owners trying to be for everyone, trying to make their services marketable to everyone.

You know, that old adage. “If you’re for everyone, you’re actually for no one.” It is the truth and you hear people tossing around things like niching down and getting really specific, knowing your target avatar, and they are all correct.

There’s a bunch of different ways that you can look at how you’re going to be very specific about who you help and who you serve and really what you offer. And the truth of it is usually the more specific you are, the better it goes for you.

The More Broad We Are. The Harder It Is To Narrow Down

If I said I was a business coach for every type of business under the planet. If I was to help a commercial plumber, somebody who makes kombucha and somebody who is sourcing wholesale items from overseas, I sure would have to have a whole lot of resources just for all the different problems.

Somebody who’s sourcing items from overseas sure needs a lot of international trade help. And somebody who is creating kombucha really has to know distribution and supply chain management. And somebody who is a commercial plumber really needs to know how to manage crews and trades and bidding and all of those things.

And while I may know something about some of those, it’s really hard for me to develop an offering or even to develop a marketing plan that can speak to all those.

Instead, if I say, look I help women own businesses that are service-based providers trying to really find success in their initial stages of business.

I know that there are some commonalities amongst all of you that I can speak to frequently and very specifically help with some of those issues that we see. And so I get really narrowed down and it’s a lot easier for me to understand what I need to help with and how I speak to them and how I target them.

The More Specific You Are, The More Easily It Is To Attract Clients

For those of you that are concerned about understanding this, or what I often get is. “I don’t want to turn away work. So I don’t want to say I don’t work with product-based businesses because what if a product-based business tries to hire me?”

That’s a fair concern, but it doesn’t really work out that way. In my experience, the more specific you are, the more easily it is to attract those clients.

So instead of casting the super-wide net, hoping the fish don’t slide through your net because it’s so big, easier, smarter, more efficient and more productive for you. You say I’m going to cast one line. With the exact bait and the exact allure, that I know my kind of fish likes.

If you want to put it in other words, it’s a lot easier for me to say I am passionate about helping new businesses survive the valley of despair. I’m going to develop products, I’m going to develop services and I’m going to develop marketing that helps them do that.

I’m not only going to support and help new business owners but also let the world know that I exist as a business coach for them. I’m going to talk about things that new business owners need, like niching down. But also having an opportunity to really showcase my experience. And that’s really what we should be doing. Is doing good in the world and, doing it in front of the people that you might be able to help and, helping the world understand what you do. That’s what your marketing should be.

Once you understand who you are serving. Everything gets easier.

You cannot design a service offering that is for everybody. It’s just too broad, too vague. Nobody’s going to connect with it. It’s just a pain.

It doesn’t mean that once you create a service offering for a very specific client or avatar, that you couldn’t later once mastered, expand to different avatars, that’s totally possible (But that vertical expansion and horizontal expansion. We’ll save that topic for another day)

So that’s one part.

It’s your offering. It’s your niche. It’s who your business serves.

Your Personality Isn’t For Everyone… And That’s Okay

You’re not going to connect with everybody in the world. You’re not gonna be able to sync up with everybody, especially as a service-based business owner.

You are your product. The service that you provide is your product. And so your style, the way you talk, the way you present and deliver and everything is uniquely you, and you can design it to be successful and enjoyable for your clients, but you still got YOU all over it as a solopreneur.

For example, I curse. And I kind of put that out there a little bit, in a non-offensive way on my website and on my podcast and some of my marketing.

So that if somebody is super offended by that, or really turned off by that. They’re screened out and they’re just not for me. They’re not bad, they’re not wrong. They’re just not my ideal client. If I can’t speak openly and sometimes drop an F-bomb because I can do so, that’s an easy example of, I’m not for everybody either.

Know Your Boundaries

Know your energies and whether your a hard energy or a soft energy.

If you like to process things slowly, if you don’t like to work via email, or if you don’t like to work via text. Understand how you want to provide your service and how you want to work with clients. Because that’s not going to be for everybody either.

There are a lot of boundaries and policies that you could set into place to have your business be enjoyable for you to work in and not feel like you’re just being bulldozed or overworked by your clients.

But you can work in the way that you want to work. And that means you’re not going to be for everybody either.

As an example, in my business, texting me is only for emergencies. Like if you’re, stranded somewhere, or you can’t get a hold of me via Slack and you’re going to run late. I think those are really the only times anybody’s ever going to text me.

That’s why we use Slack. That way I can maintain my own boundaries and I’m not getting text messages from clients all weekend and I can do the self-care that I need to do.

And if a client wants more access in the way of, I want to be able to call or text you whenever I want. I’m not the right coach for you. Go find a coach that’s a better fit for you. That would be willing to do that. And that doesn’t make me wrong. That doesn’t make them wrong.

I’m just not for everybody. And that’s okay.

Final Thoughts

So when you’re developing your products, your services and how you deliver them, keep this in mind: How are you going to be showing up in your business and providing service? And to who? And in what way?

And that way, it’s really easy to screen out the people that you’re just not for them and they’re not for you.

I very often see people stuck in this, I’m for everybody for a couple of years before they’re finally like, okay, I give in I’ll niche down.

The quicker you can get clear on those areas, the less pain along the way.

Give it a try, even if you’re not excluding the idea of changing later because you will, you’ll change a bunch of times, but get really specific now so that you can speak directly to the potential clients you want. Both in the services that you want to offer, and in how you want to offer them.

Remember: You’re not for everybody and that’s okay!

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