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You Get What You Think You Deserve

The stories you tell yourself are powerful, I know you have heard me say this before, that’s okay it is an important message.  What stories are you telling yourself about what you deserve? What are you reinforcing in your thought life about what you deserve in your relationships, your work, your success? 

If you want results, start with your thoughts.

I remember wanting more, but not believing I deserved it. Little did I know that those small moments when I said “I don’t belong here” or “This is too much” or even “I’m not sure I deserve this”  were creating that truth.

I hear it all too often from the women I work with. We know that thoughts create behaviors,  and behaviors create results. Your thought life has an incredible influence on EVERYTHING ELSE. 

Start today, be intentional.

Monitor the things you are saying to and about yourself, and defend against these negative stories and statements. This isn’t always easy, but it is always important. Get very intentional about the powerful and behavior creating dialogue. Soon, very very soon, you will start to see the results that you ACTUALLY REALLY DO deserve.

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